Top 5 Best Minecraft Fabric Mods (November 2022)

Here we have the best Minecraft Fabric Mods that will make your game even better!

Fabric is a mod loader for Minecraft that people are starting to use more and more these days. We have collected the best Minecraft fabric mods for you. Forge has always been one of the best modders however Fabric is better for lightweight mods.

The best thing about Fabric is that it updates very fast due to it being so lightweight. It is also less buggy as it makes fewer changes to the game. There are some great Fabric mods out there.

Top 5 Best Minecraft Fabric Mods For Free

1. Sodium

This is a performance mod for Minecraft. Getting this mod will increase your FPS by a lot. Some people have even reported boosting their FPS to 1000 FPS.

Best Minecraft Fabric Mods

2. Better End

This mod will add so much color to your Nether World. After the recent update to the Nether, it looks very empty. This mod adds 24 new biomes like foggy mushroom land etc. It also adds armor and new mobs and more. It truly makes your gameplay interesting and fun.

Best Minecraft Fabric Mods

3. Origins

If you want to change your Minecraft gameplay, this is the mod for you. It gives you the chance to pick from 9 abilities before you start the game. Each Origin gives you special abilities and weaknesses.

Best Minecraft Fabric Mods

4. Oh the Biomes You’ll Go

You can add over 80 biomes to your game with this mod pack. There are 40 unique trees, woodtypes, over 200 new types of blocks and items, and even new ores and armors with this mod. You can make your world really gorgeous with this pack and make it so much more interesting.

Best Minecraft Fabric Mods

5. Immersive Portals

If you’re tired of the loading screens every time you want to use a portal, this mod is for you. You can create portals without the loading screen and it also has more features. There are enhanced end portals, mirrors, commands for creating custom portals, better world wrapping, and dimension stack.

Best Minecraft Fabric Mods

These are the Best Minecraft Fabric mods that are a must-have for Fabric API. You need to get the Fabric Loader and Fabric API for most of the mods. We will keep updating if there are better mods out there. Here is how you can download Forge API!