Hades Weapon Tier List (November 2022)

Here a quick guide for you to choose from the best Hades Weapon Tier List in 2022.

Are confused about which is the best weapon aspect and upgrades for your character? If yes then you need not look further in this article we will be dispersing all your confusion. Hades has over Six basic weapon types which are called Infernal Arms. Each of these Arms has four different aspects. When the amount has complied together it gives you a vast amount of weapons. After browsing our list of Best Hades Weapon Tier List you will be able to choose the best weapons in Hades to upgrade your character.

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Best Hades Weapon Tier List – November 2022

S-Tier Weapons

1. Aspect of Arthur

  • Infernal Arm: Stygian Blade
  • Titan Blood: 15
  • Aura Damage Reduction: +40%

The Aspect Of Arthur is also known as the Holy Excalibur. This sward is quite unique and has its own alternate moveset. You will also receive a bonus of 50HP after wielding this sword. This HP increase has a huge impact on making you stronger. The sword has a unique aura that will help you in slowing down your enemy projectiles. It also automatically disables floor and wall traps.

Its most destructive attack is Hallowed Ground. The attack deals with over 70 points of damage to the opponent. It has two best upgrades Super Nova, which increases your damage by 20%, and Greater Consecration, which increases your aura by 45%.

2. Aspect of Hades

  • Infernal Arm: Eternal Spear
  • Titan Blood: 16
  • Punishing Bonus Damage: +150%

The spear is packed with devastating damage and has a massive spin attack radius. Not only this its Punishing Sweep special attack lasts up to 10 seconds. This attack at the maximum charge rate deals with up to 250 points of damage. And if you have gotten your hands on its Massive Spin upgrade you will get to increase the radius by 30%.

This will also increase the damage by 125%. The Eternal Spear also deals with targets that are far away using the Extending Jab upgrade which increases the damage by 40% for all distant enemies.

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A-Tier Weapons

1. Aspect of Chaos

  • Infernal Arm: Shield of Chaos
  • Titan Blood: 15
  • Bonus Shields Thrown: +5

The aspect of chaos used to be one of the top-tier weapons in Hades. Later the weapon got a more narrow area of effect after it got nerfed and the pattern for extra shields changed. This resulted in players coming in close contact with the enemy to make sure that it hit in the accurate spot. Because of this, it became more dangerous to use this shield.

After the Charged Shot upgrade, the Aspect of Chaos turned out to be an amazing weapon. With this, your Bull Rush attacks will not only deal 80 points of damage but will also become unblockable.

2. Aspect of Chiron

  • Infernal Arm: Heart-Seeking Bow
  • Titan Blood: 15
  • Max Shots per Special: 7

Heart-Seeking Chiron Bow happens to be one of the best weapons in Hades. There are various aspects of Bow weapons but this is the most powerful among the lot. The bow has the capability to strike the enemies by first hitting it automatically. This gives you the freedom to focus on other enemies while spamming the attack button and hitting your previous target at the same time.

This aspect will be benefited a lot if you upgrade the Sniper Shot. This will increase your damage output by 200%. While the best upgrade is Piercing Volley, which increases all damage to armor by 400% and makes your Special attack unblockable.

B-Tier Weapons

1. Aspect of Talos

  • Infernal Arm: Twin Fists
  • Titan Blood: 15
  • Magnetic Attack & Cast Bonus: +40%

Twin Fists are quite infamous for it requires compatibility with a specific type of Gameplay. For this, you will need to be able to combo successfully every time in order to pull off some serious damage. If you feel like still going for it, it’s advisable to consider Rolling Knuckle and Heavy Knuckle upgrades for your Talos Fists.

These two are the best in the whole game. Rolling Knuckle can perform Dash-Strike and allows you to switch from one combo to another easily. Heavy Knuckle adds 30 points of damage to each strike, while it’s Magnetic Cutter deals an additional 20 points at each pull.

Aspect of Lucifer

  • Infernal Arm: Adamant Rail
  • Titan Blood: 15
  • Hellfire Blast Damage: 100

Igneus Eden aka Aspect of Lucifer is the newest rail gun in Hades. The weapon is quite unique and has its win moveset. Hellfire is which is a special attack is considered the best. It attacks enemies with detonation damage of 50-100 on a radius of 400.

The drawback of this gun is its inflexibility which becomes disadvantageous in close range combat. Infinity Chamber is its best upgrade which gives the weapon an infinite amount of ammo. You won’t even need cheats if you have this upgrade for your Aspect of Lucifer.

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