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Top 7 Best Cricket Games For PS4, Xbox, PC, Mobile & Nintendo With Good Graphics (2022)

From Cricket 19, Ashes Cricket, Big Bash Boom to Cricket Captain 2018, here's a complete list of cricket games to play on PC, Mobile and Consoles.

Cricket may not be a National game for Indians but they don’t watch or play any game like it. Regardless of whether you use Mobile, PC, PlayStation or Xbox to play matches, Cricket is a game that can be played at no cost. There are tons of Cricket fans who want to play Cricket games on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch but they don’t know which one to start with.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best Cricket games that anyone can play on PlayStation 4, Xbox & Nintendo Switch in 2022. If you are curious to play Cricket games on a console then check out the following list.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Cricket Games List – 2022

1. Cricket 19

Best Cricket Games

Cricket 19 is a video game developed and published by Ant Studios. The sequel to the 2017 game Ashes Cricket was initially launched for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A few months later, the devs launched the game on Steam. Notably, it is regarded as the second major Big Ant Studios cricket game released for the Nintendo Switch after Big Bash Boom.

What makes Cricket 19 popular among console players is it lets users play in their favourite formats — ODI, T20, Test, Women’s ODI and T20 World Cups. Besides having these features, it also has a mode called Career, allowing players to either start a career as a rookie or play as an existing established cricketer.

2. Big Bash Boom

Best Cricket Games

Big Bash Boom is a Cricket game released way back in 2018. Initially, it was only released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but later it was launched for Nintendo Switch and PC as well. As mentioned above, it was the first major Cricket game released by Big Ant Studios.

Unlike Cricket 19, Big Bash Boom was based on the Australian T20 league, allowing players to play matches in different parts of Australia. Big Bash Boom is a Cricket game that has a total of three modes — Casual, Tournament and Online.

3. Ashes Cricket

Best Cricket Games

Ashes Cricket is one of the most popular Cricket games to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC in 2022. Created by Big Ant Studios, it was the first-ever cricket game to be officially licensed to modern teams and players after the Don Bradman Cricket titles. It also has the complete license for the 2017-18 Ashes series held in Australia. If you want to play matches between England and Australia then this Cricket game is the perfect option for you.

What makes this Cricket game unique from others is it has an option allowing players to create their own real players and publish them on the game’s ‘cricket academy’. Once created, players can use them in both series or personal player careers as well. For the unversed, Ashes Cricket is a sequel to Cricket 19.

4. Don Bradman’s Cricket 17

Best Cricket Games

Don Bradman’s Cricket 17 is a cricket game that can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sequel to Don Bradman Cricket 14, it was officially launched on December 16th, 2016. The reason why everyone loves this cricket game is it allows players to play in their desired region before getting selected for domestic and international levels.

Unlike other cricket games, this game does have an option ‘Be a Pro’ allowing players to play through career mode as an existing player. Besides having an option to create a character, it also has a stadium creator mode where you can create your own stadium and play matches. The only drawback of this game is it can’t give you the real feeling when it comes to players because it does not have official licenses for the same.

5. EA Cricket

Best Cricket Games

EA Cricket is without a doubt one of the most popular cricket games of all time. Published by EA Sports, this cricket game can be played on PlayStation and PC. You can imagine the popularity of this game as eight different games of this series have already been released. Released in 1995, EA Cricket was a sequel to Super International Cricket.

Here are all games of this series that have been released so far:

  • Cricket 96
  • Cricket 97
  • ICC Cricket World Cup England 99
  • Cricket 2000
  • Cricket 2002
  • Cricket 2004
  • Cricket 2005
  • Cricket 07

6. World Cricket Championship 2

Best Cricket Games

World Cricket Championship 2 is a cricket game that can be played on Android, iOS devices and PC. Unlike the above-mentioned games, it can’t be played on PlayStation and Xbox. What makes this cricket game quite popular among cricket fans is it lets players customize their characters as your like. If you love playing cricket and don’t have a console to play above mentioned codes, I advise you to give this game a shot.

7. Cricket Captain 2018

Best Cricket Games

Cricket Captain 2018 is a cricket game that everyone loves because it keeps adding new features to the game. For the unversed, it is the updated version of 2017. Developed in association with Jimmy Anderson, Cricket Captain 2018 is reported to have a database of more than 6.5K players. The best thing about this game is it allows you to play all domestic leagues in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh and more.

These were some of the most popular cricket games to play on Mobile, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If you liked the collection of cricket games then be sure to visit this page back as we will keep adding more games in the time to come.