Battlefield 2042: Will It Have Crossplay?

Battlefield 2042 trailer just dropped and we know there will be 3 modes. Let's see if there will be a Crossplay feature in Battlefield 2042?

After that kick-ass trailer at E3, the hype around Battlefield 2042 is skyrocketing. Fans of the franchise across social media are speculating how the various modes will be and will battlefield have a crossplay feature. Developers at EA have only revealed the names of the modes the game will have and nothing else which has led to a lot of questions amongst fans. Let’s see if Battlefield 2042 will have crossplay?

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Will Battlefield 2042 Have Crossplay?

The developers have made it very certain that Battlefield 2042 will not have a single-player mode. They will be skipping the very popular Battle Royale mode as well. The game will have 3 modes with 128 players in Xbox series X, PS5, and PC and 64 players in the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

There hasn’t been any official announcement about Cross-platform play. The fact that the total number of players differs across generations works against it. Crossplay is something the developers should not exclude as they already decided to skip the single-player and battle-royale mode.

With no official announcement, speculations are on a rise. Our best guess is the game will have a cross-play feature but won’t have a cross-generation play feature. We recommend you wait until 22nd July and tune in to EA play for more information around Battlefield 2042.

EA play is an event where players from across the globe can play unreleased EA games and give in their feedback. This works both ways as it helps them get real-time feedback and makes the game better. This also lets the players get a sneak peek into unreleased content. All we do know is that the game will have 3 modes of which 2 are called All-out warfare mode and Hazard Zone.

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