Back 4 Blood: Will The Beta Progress Carryover To The Full Version?

Beta players are wondering if there progress will carryforward to full version of Back 4 Blood, let's see what the developers said about that

Back 4 Blood is a horror First-person shooter game that draws inspiration from the Left 4 Dead franchise. Players can tag along with three fellow players and play Back 4 Blood in a 4-player campaign mode. Just like many other games, the developers of Back 4 Blood also released a beta test version first to test their servers and the game. Back 4 Blood has ended, and players have several questions as we are closing on to the release date. Let’s see if the beta progress of Back 4 Blood will carry forward to the full version.

Will The Back 4 Blood Beta Progress Carryforward To The Full Version?

Unfortunately, the progress made by players during the beta test or the alpha test won’t be carried forward to the full version of Back 4 Blood. Turtle Rock, the developers of the game, have made it clear that no progress will be carried forward. Players will have to unlock all the weapons and cards again in the full version of the game.

This shouldn’t be a big issue as Back 4 Blood follows the Left 4 dead model where all the maps and locations are open to play from the start. Apart from the locations, all the weapons and cards have to be unlocked again.

Apart from the cards, you earned all the decks you made will also be reset. The developers have not made it clear whether players will need to add their friends again or not. Even though it’s not official, we expect that all the friends you have added will remain intact. Only the progress you made in the game will be reset. Back 4 Blood is set to release on 12th October, and after the beta test, the hype for the final version is off the charts.

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