AC Valhalla Tove Bug – Fixing The Interaction Tove

Not able to interact with Tove to customise Eivor's hair and tattoo? Read the guide to see why and how to resolve the issue.

The most famous action-adventure Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a role-playing video game that brings players back to the golden era of the Vikings in the 9th century. The protagonist of this story is a Viking invader from Norway called Eivor and lets the players settle on the gender of their choice, that is, Eivor can be either male or female. From his wardrobe to his external look, they can personalize everything.

This open-world title is laced with incredible main quests together with remarkable side quests. The game also involves exciting tasks such as tiffs with numerous Vikings, hunting, fishing, drinking, and flying competitions.

As mentioned above, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla enables the users to freely customize Eivor’s hairstyles and tattoos from a diverse array of choices. But, akin to a recent glitch, players are unable to connect with Tove, a tattoo artist and barber in Ravenshorpe.

This article is therefore intended to inform about the recent AC Valhalla Tove bug problem.

AC Valhalla Tove Bug –  Interaction Issue Resolved

Because of some design flaws players couldn’t communicate with Tove in the hair and tattoo shop. And since she was not responsive, the players were disabled to customize Eivor’s hair or tattoos. Check this tweet:

Now check this thread tweeted by Official Assassin’s Creed:

Thank goodness, the creator has just made a couple of hotfixes on 25th January 2021 that should allow the players to complete any unfinished quests if they were bugged earlier.

The hotfixes resolved two issues:

  • Players unable to interact with Tove after concluding the “Carrying The Torch” mission.
  • Impossible to shift the shelves during “The Odor at the Tithe”

Both of these bugs deterred the players from performing a particular questline.

So, if players follow the second thread in no time their issue will get addressed. That’s all folks on AC Valhalla Tove Bug.