How To Ascend Mash In Fate Grand Order (Ascension Guide)

Not sure how you can increase Mashu Kyrielight's Cap Level in Fate Grand Order? Then, here are the requirements to ascend this Servant easily.

Just like you, many players out there are looking for ways to ascend Mash aka Mashu Kyrielight in Fate Grand Order. That’s because this is the only 3 & 4 Star Servant that has Zero cost and belongs to the Tier A Shielder class. If you’ve been using this character for a while but are stuck on the Level 30 cap, then ascending her is the only way. However, Mashu’s ascension is different than the usual Servants and can get a little grindy. But that’s worth it, as using her at the cap level will surely add great value to your team. So let’s not wait any further and check out the Ascension requirements of Mashu Kyrielight in FGO.

How Can I Ascend Mash in Fate Grand Order (Cap Level)

How To Ascend Mash In Fate Grand Order (Ascension Guide) Increase Cap Level FGO
Source Image: Kawaisoni

To ascend Mash in Fate Grand Order (FGO), you’ll have to keep playing her story. Progressing through her campaign is the only way to increase her Cap Level in the game. The highest ascension of this Shielder you can go is Level 80. If you’re ready for the grind then below you’ll find the ascension details you need.

  • Ascension 1: To increase Cap Level 30 to 40 complete Order II Septem.
  • Ascension 2: To increase Cap Level 40 to 60 complete Chapter 4, Arrow 2 of Order IV Landon.
  • Ascension 3: To increase Cap Level 60 to 70 complete Chapter 15, Arrow 1 of Order IV Camelot.
  • Ascension 4: To increase Cap Level 70 to 80 complete Babylonia.

As you can see, to ascend Mashu Kyrielight in Fate Grand Order, there are several things you’ll need to do. And unfortunately, apart from this, there are no other ways to make it happen. But don’t worry, the ascension will not only upgrade her levels but also Strengthen her skills and unlock other items. That includes the Ortinax outfit, which is unlocked after the final ascension.

That is all you need to know about how you can ascend Mash to increase her cap level in Fate Grand Order (FGO). If you want to speed up the leveling process, then check out the best ways to Level Up Servants in the game. Also, take a look at the steps to reroll character in FGO easily.