Arknights: How To Get Orundum (Tips And Tricks)

Check out this guide to know the best ways to get Orundum in Arknights.

Orundum is a currency in Arknights and at a point, it will be important to get it. It belongs to tier five and is used to recruit operators. Orundum is just a red cube-like artificial conductive element that is used as a currency in the game now. It is also used for headhunting and it costs 600 to 6000 of it. Also, a fun fact on it is that, on the Arknights CN’s 2nd Anniversary Livestream, there was a total of 5 billion Orundum acquired. So let’s look at how you can get them in the game.

How to Get Orundum in Arknights

get orundum in arknights

  • Orundum can be obtained in Arknights by extracting and processing Originite Prime. It is used just like Originium Arts as a conductor for electronics. You can also get it through events as compensation.
  • The Annihilation operations also give out Orundum when you defeat enemies and clear them. When you also clear the Lungmen Outskirts and Lungmen Downtown you get more of Orundum than usual for example, 1600 to 1700 of it.
  • Besides that, there are also Daily Missions that can help you obtain it, along with Weekly Missions. Log into your game and complete missions daily to at least get a total of 1200 Orundum.
  • You can also purchase them from stores for 40 to 50 Commendation Certificates. Another method of obtaining it is by trading the Originium Shard for Orundum.
  • There are other tips and tricks to obtain it, which involve conducting the Annihilation operations for two weeks to actually get up to 6000 Orundum.

These were the list of ways you could obtain Orundum in Arknights. We hope we helped you find a way that is best suitable for you. If you found this article helpful, you must also check out how to get Originium in Arknights along with other gaming guides on our site.