Archero Tier List [November 2022] – Best Weapons, Epic Ability, Pros & Cons

Here's a complete list of weapons in Archero.

Are you looking for Archero Tier List 2022? If your answer is ‘YES’ then you have come to the perfect place. In this guide, we will be talking about the Archero weapons tier list, Abilities, Hero, Pet and Equipment available in the game right now.

Currently, there are seven weapons in Archero and all of them have an incredible damage ratio but when it comes to choosing the best one, this tier list will certainly help you out. Yes, our ultimate Archero Tier List is created keeping in mind a lot of factors.

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Without any further ado, let’s take a look:

Archero Tier List (November 2022)

SS Tier: Gale Force

Gale Force is the latest weapon added to the game. Yes, if you have been playing Archero for months you must have noticed a new gun added to the game this year. This might be a few months old weapons in Archero but it has become quite famous among the gamers, thanks to its massive on-hit damage buff.

Moreover, Gale Force has charged attack that charges slowly while standing still or quickly while running. When its meter is filled, it will automatically unleash a piercing charged attack, dealing 300% damage and has the potential to hit multiple enemies at the same time.

When it comes to its damage output, there is no better weapon in Arhcero than Gale Force. What makes this weapon very famous among gamers is its projectile is ultra-fast. Unlike other Archero weapons, it won’t miss at a high rate. The only drawback this weapon has is it has a very slow attack speed.

S Tier: Brightspear, Stalker Staff


Brightspear is a gun added to the game in December last year. When we compare it with Stalker Staff, which also falls in S-Tier, Brightspear is good to go. It has a stunning near-instant projective, helping players to hit the target properly.

Similar to Gale Force, Brightspear too has a slow speed attack but it receives only 20 percentage damage buff on hit. Notably, its every hit will cause three percentage more damage up to a maximum of 30% extra. Make sure to hit something in two seconds or else it will reset automatically.

When it comes to its overall performance, Brightspear has a very high damage output and the epic ability is great. The only reason why you should use this weapon while playing Archero is its instant projectile will help you to kill one or two enemies before you get attacked by the opponents.


Stalkerstaff is the second weapon that comes in S-Tier. Upon attack, it generates a small ball projectile, that after a while will fire towards enemies. This Archero weapon has a normal speed and has the potential to deal 100% base damage. The epic ability increases the chance to crit as your enemy’s health is quite low, making it useful for both bosses and pushing high chapters.

The best thing about this weapon is it has multiple arrows. Since its projectiles are honing and slow, things like diagonal arrows will all hone in on a single target with fairly high success. If you want us to recommend then make sure to gran diagonal arrows, it will surely triple your damage ratio.

The major drawback of having Stalkerstaff in Archero is the projectile it has is very big and bright, creating chaos on the screen, making it difficult to track and dodge enemy projectiles. Since it has a very slow projectile, it would not be safe to use despite having an amazing damage potential.

A Tier: Tornado, Death Scythe


Tornado is one of the best weapons in Archero. It has an in-built piercing and will bounce off of walls and return to you dealing 44% damage to enemies hit on the way. This is a particularly very useful weapon in Arhcero to clear the room.

The only drawback of this weapon is it features only 20% reduced damage on primary damage to compensate and that limits the way the Tornado can be used. However, you can alleviate the same using its epic ability.

Here’s why Tornado comes under A-tier:

  • It has built-in piercing and bouncing back, allowing you to get crazy damage efficiency if you line up your shots well.
  • You can use the damage on return from 44% to 66% by using its epic ability.
  • Since it has very high damage on return, you limit your damage potential significantly if you select the “Ricochet” ability as you will not likely hit enemies on return. This is the biggest drawback of having Tornado in Archero.
  • It features only a micro-stutter, no knockback.

Death Scythe

Death Scythe is regarded as the best weapon in Archero. It features not only high damage but it has an amazing useful Epic ability as well. Death Scythe might have the lowest attack speed as compared to other Archero weapons but in exchange, it receives a massive 45% damage buff.

When it comes to overall performance, Tornado and the Saw Blade have the same damage per second, but it is higher than them on the tier list because it is a great weapon to beat your highest Chapter.

B Tier: Saw Blade

The Saw Blade is one the fastest firing Archero weapons right now. It has a stunning quickness and agility to use. As we have mentioned above, Saw Blade, Tornado, and Death Scythe have the same damage per second. However, this weapon also lacks in its Epic Ability, which is not quite well while the attack speed makes it a lot easier to maintain consistent damage output, it is also very hard to capitalize on animation canceling.

This weapon might have a fast attack and a good projectile speed but it is still not as good as others.

C Tier: Brave Bow

The basic Braw Bow that you start playing the game is the worst weapon in Archero. When it comes to overall performance, Braw Bow does not have anything that will make you use this weapon.

This is just a basic starter weapon and everyone should change their weapon as they progress further in the game.


As we have mentioned all Archero weapons along with their Epic Ability, pros, and cons, it would be better to select your weapon wisely. However, if you still want us to recommend the best Archero weapon, then picking up Gale Force, BrightSpear or Stalkerstarr is highly recommended.