Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass – Docklands, Tourism, And More

Ubisoft revealed all the DLC’s arriving in Anno 1800 Season 3.

Created by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft, Anno 1800 is a critically acclaimed city-builder of the Industrial Revolution age. This real-time strategy video game offers players tons of chances to demonstrate their talents as rulers as they construct up major cities and towns.

Avid Anno 1800 City Builders have one more opportunity to get lost in the next chapter presenting 3 DLCs launched in season 3 pass. Let’s find out more about the Anno 1800 season 3 in this post.

Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass

The third season of Anno 1800 commences today (February 23, 2021) covering three major expansions and a few less paid Docklands, such as skyscrapers, harbour trading, tourism, in the span of three big upgrades in 2021. Below is the embedded trailer for the same published on Ubisoft’s website.

First DLC

The first Dockland has been released today i.e. February 23rd, and goes by the name “Docklands.” This addition permits you to build a modular warehouse district in an attempt to transform your city into a global trading hub.

In addition, it also encourages you to try your luck with export trade to excel in the economy and export. This DLC also includes a non-player character called Captain Tobias Morris to support you become a globally binding industry leader.

Second DLC

The second DLC “Tourist Season”, is expected to appear in spring, featuring tourism mechanics. You will be provided with resources to transform the city into an exotic travel destination for tourists.

While fulfilling its function as a tourist building expansion, this DLC makes the gameplay even more realistic by tempting the tourists to visit your city. Besides, you are required to host them in your hotel and offering the best dining experiences and stimulating experiences.

Third DLC

Season 3’s third and final upgrade of series, The High Life”, is set to schedule this summer and is anticipated to feature futuristic modular skyscrapers as a substitute and spacious accommodation for your stakeholders.

You’ll also be allowed to create the Empire Tower, which is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, as a modern landmark. Lastly, it brings new commercial products and supermarkets to better fulfill residents’ needs.

Buy Anno 1800 Season 3 PassAnno-1800-Season-Pass-3

These three DLC sets will be authorized to buy on a stand-alone basis or as part of Anno 1800’s £16.99 Season 3 Pass, and there are two additional packages to complement this third season of content: the Gold Edition Year 3 – containing the Base Game, the Deluxe Bundle, and Season 3 Pass – and the Complete Edition Year 3, which also includes Anno 1800’s first two season passes.

Nevertheless, each premium upgrade seems to come along with a free part tailored to boost your core experience.

That’s all about the third season of Anno 1800. For more gaming news, updates, and guides stay rooted on GamesAdda.