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What Is Ankha Zone & Where To Watch Its Original Video in 2022?

Is Ankha Zone video available on Vimeo?

Trends on social media keep changing but there are only a few that lasted for weeks or months. Ankha Zone is one of them. It has been a couple of months since this was in the TikTok trend but there are tons of people who still talk about this.

Since the video of Ankha Zone has been deleted from YouTube and TikTok, a lot of people have heard a lot about the trend but they did not watch the video. Do you know what this trend is all about? If your answer is No and wants to know why it became so popular on social media then keep reading this post.

What is Ankha Zone?

Ankha Zone trend is all about a video of an Animal Crossing character Ankha dancing to music created by an artist named Zone. The trend garnered millions of views and likes before it got deleted from TikTok and YouTube for breaching their guidelines.

The video of Ankha might have been deleted from the platform but it helped the artist to obtain tons of followers on Twitter, Twitch, and subscribers on YouTube.

Similar to other trends, when this turned out massive hit, people started making videos of them expressing their reaction to the video. Now, you must have got an idea why this trend was called Ankha Zone.

Why Ankha Zone Trend Became So Popular?

Before we directly jump to the main trend, let me give you a brief description of Ankha. For the uninformed, Ankha is a character in a popular game titled ‘Animal Crossing’. Those who play the game describe this beautiful character as a snooty car, that lives among the Islanders.

According to reports, the name Ankha is derived from the Egyptian word ‘Ankh’ which means life. She is a cute and warm cat who gets enthusiastic after meeting with her fellow villagers. The cute cat was born on September 22nd and her Zodiac sign is a Virgo.

The reason why the Ankha Zone video became the talk of the town is it features explicit content. The video had Ankha explicitly dancing on sensual Egyptian music playing in the background. Since the video has been deleted from YouTube, a lot of users have posted the remix version of the same on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Is Ankha Zone’s Original Video Available On Vimeo?

Since the Ankha Zone is no longer available on YouTube, people are searching for it on alternative platforms. The platform that fans are searching for the most is Vimeo. Since Vimeo does have tons of videos uploaded by people across the world, there are chances that you will find the videos on Vimeo.

We would have provided the link to the video here if it did not have any explicit content in it. If you want to watch it now then search for ‘Ankha Zone Vimeo’ and you will be able to watch it on your phone and PC.