How To Download Among Us Submerged Map In 2022?

Here is a guide to help you download the submerged map in Among Us !

Bored of playing Among Us on Air and Space Map? How about experiencing the game on a new map, which is based on Submarine. Yes, a known YouTuber has just launched a new Among Us map called Submerged. Ever since the news of the Submerged map adding to Among Us went viral on social media, fans have been eagerly waiting to experience the new map.

The best thing about Among Us Submerged Map is it will let users play the game underwater. There are multiple maps in Among Us but we have not seen a map like Submerged. If you are curious to download Among Us Submerged map then keep reading this post.


Among Us: Submerged Map: How To Download It In 2022?

submerged map in Among Us

Submerged is a new map available on Among Us for all players. So if you are bored of playing the game on old maps then you must try this new map out!


This is a new map made by a YouTuber 5Up. Though the map is not made by the Innersloth LLC, the developers of Among Us but it is much appreciated by them. You can find some amazing comments by the developers on the 5Up’s youtube video appreciating his work.

You can search for Submerged Map by 5Up on YouTube to watch the trailer of this map. There are over 2 Million views on it and they are still increasing.

The new Submerged map has two floors for players to explore. It has multiple vents and it is not boring even for crew members anymore. The submerged map is not as small as the air or space map. Therefore the chance of you getting bored of it is very thin.


Since this map is yet to be officially launched in the game, you will have to download the Submerged map by contacting the creator (5Up) through his social media handles. What all you need to do is drop an email to 5UP or contact him through social media to receive the link for this new map.

Currently, the Submerged map in Among us is not available for mobile and is only available to download for PC. Get the link and enjoy a whole new map with your friends!

This is everything you need to know about the submerged map in Among Us. Check out another article on Among Us names: 100+ best, funny & cool names ideas for Among Us.



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