Hello Kitty Island Adventure: How To Get All Pizza Recipes

Who do you think can eat the most number of Pizza in Hello Kitty Island Adventure? To know we have to bake some with the help of the recipes in this guide.

There are a variety of Pizza Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, just like other recipes in the game. However, you require an Oven station to bake it and some ingredients. You can further make it and gift it to the characters to increase their friendship with them. There is also a pizza named the Joke Pizza which will be a good gift for Badtz-Maru, the prankster of the island. Here is how you can get it and everything else about it.

What are All Pizza Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

 all pizza recipes hello kitty island adventure

You can start preparing all the Pizza Recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure after you get the Pizza Oven that is situated in the Deserted Theme Park. Furthermore, get the basic Dough ingredient by increasing the friendship level with Retsuko. She will give it to you as a reward. The Pizzas here are so unique and above all easy to bake with simple ingredients found easily on the island. Once you have that, you can start preparing the following recipes –

  • Veggie Pizza
    • Dough + Pumpkin
    • Dough + Spinip
  • Ultimate Joke Pizza
    • Dough + Pineapple + Tofu
  • Everything Pizza
    • Dough + Spinip + Tofu
  • Spinip Alfredo Pizza
    • Dough + Spinip + Coral Milk
  • Pizza
    • Dough + Chocolate Coin
  • Tofu Pizza
    • Dough + Tofu
  • Toasty Pizza
    • Dough + Toasted Almond
  • Spicy Pizza
    • Dough + Cinna Bloom
    • Dough + Magma Bloom
  • Fruit Pizza
    • Dough + Banana
    • Dough + Apple
    • Strawberry + Dough
  • Dessert Pizza
    • Candy Cloud + Dough
    • Dough + Swampmallow
    • Dough + Sugarkelp
  • Pineapple Pizza
    • Dough + Pineapple
  • Alfredo Pizza
    • Dough + Coral Milk

Best Pizza Gifts for Characters

pizza gift hello kitty

You can further gift these Pizzas to characters that love them the most –

  • Badtz-Maru
    • Dessert Pizza
    • Tofu Pizza
    • Pineapple Pizza
    • Ultimate Joke Pizza
  • Tuxedosam
    • Pineapple Pizza
  • Pochacco
    • Veggie Pizza
    • Tofu Pizza
  • Pompompurin
    • Dessert Pizza

With that, we come to the end of our article. If you found this article helpful, you can then check out this article on all cooking recipes and all Dessert recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.