Alice Fiction: How to Get Quartz Fast

Find out how to stock up on Quartz in Alice Fiction.

Quartz is a premium currency in Alice Fiction. It can be used to roll in banners from mission or quest rewards. You can even exchange Quartz for Energy from the game shop. To know how to stock up on Quartz in the game, check out our guide below.

How To Get Quartz Fast In Alice Fiction?


There are multiple ways of getting Quartz in Alice Fiction. We have put together a list of the most efficient ways to stock up on the premium currency in the game.

Buy From Shop

If you want to breeze through the game and don’t mind spending money, buying Quartz from the in-game Shop is the quickest way to get them. However, you will end up spending quite a bit if you keep this as your only source of Quartz. It is best to mix and match various methods to save some money and still get plenty of Quartz.

Finish Missions

A great way to get Quartz in the game is finishing your Missions. These will not only progress your game but you can also be rewarded Quartz for clearing certain missions. Moreover, if you complete a set of Newbie Missions, you can earn up to 3000 Quartz.

Complete Quests

You can also gain Quartz by completing quests with 3 stars. Depending on how you perform in the quests, you stand to a lot of quartz this way. The First Clear rewards and 3 star clear rewards for quests often have Quartz as their rewards. You can also re-attempt a quest if you do not clear it in one go. However, you will need additional Energy to do so.

Raise Folklore Bond Level

Raising the Folklore Bond Level also gives Quartz as rewards. Depending on the Bond level, you can earn between 20 to 100 Quartz with this method.

Rank Up Bonus Rewards

You also earn Quartz as a Rank Up Bonus Reward from the Shop. In addition, you can also purchase premium Rank Up Bonus Rewards through the Shop.

This is how you can get Quartz in Alice Fiction.  For more Alice Fiction guides, check out Best World Memory (WM) In Alice Fiction Tier List