Alice Fiction: How to Get Credits Fast

Credits are very useful to progress quickly in Alice Fiction.

Credits are one of the currencies that you can use in Alice Fiction. They are required to accomplish a number of things in the game including Character Upgrades and Grade Expansion. This is why it is important to stock up on Credits as you progress further. In this guide, we will explain the best methods to get Credits fast.

How To Get Credits Fast In Alice Fiction?


Credits can be used to upgrade character stats and skills. Maxing out your skills is a big step towards powering up your character. You can also get Enhancement items, Anima Medals, or do Grade Expansions with the help of Credits. However, you will need a lot of Credits to accomplish everything. This is why we have explained the best methods to get Credits fast in Alice Fiction below.

Credit Quests

Resource Quests are a great way to gain EXP and Credits in Alice Fiction. You can complete Credit Quests to stock up a lot of Credits quickly. However, you can only complete 3 Credit Quests each day. So, you would need to plan your Quests with this in mind. Even with just 3 Quests per day, you can get a lot of Credits with these Quests.

Finish Missions

Missions in the game can often give you Credits as rewards for completing them. Both Daily Missions as well as Story missions can grant rewards like EXP, Credits, and Quartz. Since these Missions are required to progress in the game anyways, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. Each completed Mission has a chance of giving you Credits so you might want to complete them quickly.

These are the best methods to get Credits quickly in Alice Fiction. We hope that this guide was helpful for you. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out Steps to Add Friends In Alice Fiction.