Animal Crossing – ACNH Festivale Event Guide

This is a thorough guide for ACNH Festivale event. Know about the Festivale set items and learn how to acquire them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) has paved its way to the list of most popular life simulation games in just 1 year since its release in March 2020. I guess this open-world adventure is probably the only game loved by everyone no matter the age and gender accredited to its intense yet seamless gaming mechanisms rendering the most soothing experience ever. This game has become a sweet addiction and why won’t it be as makers try and integrate fascinating features and systems time and again.

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The best thing about the title that makes it stick out from the other prevalent Nintendo Switch games is allowing the players to celebrate the real-life festivals and events in-game. It was that time of the year again when you divert all your attention to the year’s first ACNH celebrations i.e. Festivale. Here’s all you need to know about the event.

ACNH Festivale Event

The ACNH Festivale begins when the advent of Pavé the peacock on your island, Resident Service Plaza and confetti cascades down from the sky. In the event, your cute villagers gets adorn with shiny clothes and headdresses full of feathers. Upon interacting with Pavé the peacock, the birds set the players on a mission to collect feathers.

You need to get them with the help of a net when they drop from the sky with confetti. It is necessary to make sure you gather the said colour in a specified quantity only to procure amazing rewards from the Pavé the peacock. The reward was a dance, DIY recipe, Festivale items.

Event Date

The ACNH Festivale is based on the real word festival Mardi Gras. Hence, it commences just before this real-life event. This 2021 the Festivale started on 15th February 2021. However, the date of the holiday is not fixed and changes each year the Festivale is usually scheduled in either February or March.

What To Do?ACNH-festivale

The ACNH Festivale lasts hardly for 25-30 minutes in which the Able Sisters carry sparking clothes pretty well for added fun. Here’s how the event took place:

1. Speak with Pavé the peacock on the Resident Service Plaza and get Rainbow Feather DIY.

2. Use a bug net and capture the red, green, purple, and blue feathers that drops along with the confetti across the island.

3. Convince the villagers to trade feathers for a colour you failed to get.

4. Employ 1 red, 1 green, 1 purple, and 1 blue feather and craft a Rainbow feather.

5. Exchange the Rainbow Feather with Pavé the peacock for a Festivale item. Each Rainbow Feather fetches you 1 Festivale item and in total there are 9 items.

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6. Upon grabbing all the Festivale items, craft 3 Rainbow Feathers and give them to Pavé the peacock. This earns you a fun dance from him as well as Festivale Float.

7. Upon offering the three feathers of the same colour to Pavé the peacock you receive the random Festivale item of the same colour. Do this and earn every Festivale item in variations.

8. After collecting all the ACNH Festivale items of you yearn for something more than keep catching the feathers and crafting Rainbow Feather. Now sell each Rainbow Feather at Nook’s Cranny for 1600 Bells from Timmy and Tommy Nook.

Event Items

Items in the Festivale Event were:

  • Festivale Balloon Lamp
  • Festivale Confetti Machine
  • Festivale Drum
  • Festivale Flag
  • Festivale Garland
  • Festivale Lamp
  • Festivale Parasol
  • Festivale Stage
  • Festivale Stall
  • Festivale Float

However, the event was live from 1st February 2021 to 15th February 2021 so you may not able to enjoy the ACHN Festivale now. Good luck for the next year though!

That’s all about the ACNH Festivale Event. Stay tuned with us for more gaming guides and articles.