Best Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite Under 1 GB (2022)

If you're looking for the best games like PUBG Mobile Lite under 1 GB, then you've come to the right place.

PUBG Mobile Lite has become a savior for low-spec smartphone players. That’s because PUBG Mobile takes more than 2GB of storage which makes it a pretty big game to play on a low-end phone. But don’t worry, as we all know PUBG Mobile Lite is here to save the day. This version only takes around 1 GB of storage and provides you with the same gameplay experience. However, the Lite version got popular, which automatically gave rise to various Games like PUBG Mobile Lite Under 1 GB. Let’s go and have a look at them.

Best PUBG Mobile Lite Alternative Under 1 GB (2022)

Here are all the best games like PUBG Mobile Lite under 1 GB, that you should give a try.

Garena Free Fire Max – Best Game Under 1 GB

garena free fire max best games pubg mobile lite

Garena Free Fire Max is one of the best Battle Royale games. This game is almost the same as PUBG Mobile and is also available for under 1 GB of storage. Free Fire max has various extra features like Gloo walls, Pet skills, and many more. If you’re thinking of switching from PUBG Mobile Lite to this game, then don’t think twice and go for it.

  • Download Size – 0.93GB

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk Shooter

infinity ops best games under 1 gb

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk shooter is a PvP game with a futuristic FPS setting. It is also a perfect match for your low-end smartphone. The game has various modes and offers a pretty good variety of weapons. It is highly recommended and you should surely give it a try.

  • Download Size – 443 MB

ScarFall – The Royale Combat


Scarfall The Royal Combat is also a perfect alternative for PUBG Mobile Lite. The game has similar mechanics as PUBG Mobile but with a smaller download size. So if you’re having trouble with the PUBG Lite itself, then you can surely go with Scarfall The Royal Combat.

  • Download Size – 615 MB

Cover Fire – Offline Shooting

cover fire
If you’re thinking of saving your internet data, then cover fire is the one for you. That’s because it’s an offline realistic 3D action shooting game. In Cover Fire, the game offers you a wide range of guns with decent graphic quality. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and download this offline shooting game for free.

  • Download size – 344 MB

Major Gun 2 – Best Game Under 1 GB

major gun best pubg mobile lite under 1 gb

Talking about offline games, major gun 2 is also a legendary PvE offline shooting game. The game offers you pretty good graphics without taking a lot of phone storage. Simply go ahead and start playing it on your low spec Mobile phone for free.

  • Download Size – 106 MB

MaskGun – FPS Shooting Game


MaskGun is a real-time free online PvP FPS shooting game. This game is compatible with all devices and can be downloaded under 1 GB of mobile storage. The game has easy controls and also offers an auto-shooting option. In this game, you can play a character of a gangster, a secret agent, and many more.

  • Download Size – 142 MB

These are all the best games like PUBG Mobile Lite available under 1 GB storage, don’t waste much time and try them out now. However, if you’re a PUBG Mobile Lite player and looking for unlimited Battle Coins for free, then you’re just one tap away.