I-Digitalpro 2022 – Everything You Need To Know About I-Digitalpro PUBG

Here's everything you need to know about i-Digitalpro.

It has been more than nine-month since PUBG Mobile & PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in India but the popularity of the game does not seem to fade. The developer of PUBG Mobile, Krafton, is all set to launch PUBG India, which is most likely to shatter all previous records.

Ahead of PUBG India aka Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official launch, there are tons of PUBG lovers who are currently searching for a site named, I-Digitalpro. Do you know what this site is all about? If not then don’t worry, you are not alone there are thousands of fans who are wondering why people are searching for IDigitalpro in 2022.

With that in mind, we have created a guide explaining each and everything about IDigitalpro.

About I-Digitalpro

I-Digitalpro is nothing but a website that has three main categories — PUBG, Health, and Products. The website has 14 articles written on PUBG Mobile. When you take a look at the date of the last published article, it was  May 7th, 2020. Yes, the website seems to be not active for more than a year.

When it was active, the writer of this site used to write about PUBG Mobile news, events, and tips and tricks. There are numerous sites available on the internet that claim that I-Digitalpro is a fraudulent website like Free Fire skin generators.

When we visited the site, we did not find any content that could harm your device.

What is PUBG Mobile Redeem Code?

PUBG Mobile redeem codes are nothing but a secret code that contains a 12-digit number. PUBG Mobile redeem codes is usually revealed by the developer of the game when they hit a new milestone or roll out a new update.

When you redeem PUBG Mobile codes, you will be given in-game items such as UC, skins, costumes, and more for free. If you want to get your hands on the latest and working PUBG Mobile redeem codes then you must click on this link.

How To Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile?

It is pretty simple to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile. However, if you don’t know the process then follow the given steps:

  • Visit the PUBG Mobile redemption center by clicking on this link.
  • Enter your unique character ID, Code and verify that you are not Robot.
  • When you redeem a code successfully, you will be given rewards such as weapons skins, costume sets, and a lot more.

How To Get PUBG Mobile Code?

There are numerous ways that can be used to get your hands on the latest and working PUBG Mobile redeem codes. In this post, we will mention all three ways to get PUBG codes.

Here are ways to obtain PUBG Mobile redeem codes:

  • Discord: The first and best place to get regular PUBG Codes is Discord. Yes, Discord consistently features giveaways for UC or elite passes.
  • Streams: The majority of PUBG codes are always related to live streams. So, you can find a lot of codes on Streams.
  • Reddit: Reddit might not feature regular giveaways as Discord but it is the best place to get freebies in PUBG Mobile.

Is I-Digitalpro PUBG Safe or Not?

I-Digitalpro is a safe and secure website until you use it for informational purposes. But, the moment you start using this website to generate PUBG redeem codes, it will not only harm your device but also lead to your account suspension.

Since i-Digitalpro is a third-party website or tool and Krafton does not allow its users to use any third-party tool to generate PUBG redeem codes. If you use not only i-Digitalpro but also any third-party site and Krafton comes to know about your act, there are chances that you could lose your account.

That’s all you need to know about i-Digitalpro.