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PUBG: Best Loot Locations On Erangel Map (2022)

Here are all the prime loot locations on Erangel map.

Erangel is a primary and most played map of PUBG. It is one of the largest yet prime maps with maximum hot drop and loot locations for all the players. Looking at the size of the map one might get confused to choose the best loot location on the Erangel map in PUBG.

This map is a great combination of both Land and water with an almost equal ratio. It has various spots like schools, camps, hospitals, etc for all the players to collect maximum loot. Hence to make it easier for all the players we have dot down some of the best and most popular prime loot locations on the Erangel map in PUBG.

So, without any further delay scroll down to find out about the same and collect maximum loot and boost your game.

Best Loot Locations In Erangel Map In PUBG

1. Georgopol

PUBG best loot locations on erangel map

This is the most popular hot drop location in Erangel map in PUBG. Being one of the largest maps it is divided into two parts Northern and Southern and has a bridge connecting them. It has plenty of small and big houses, schools, hospitals, and buildings giving us enough spots to gather maximum loot from there.

2. Razhok

PUBG best loot locations on erangel map

Razhok is a minor city on the Erangel map in PUBG yet serves as one of the best loot locations. Ruins, Schools, and Flooded cities are the major landmarks of this city and have plenty of items and resources for loot. It is situated in the center of the map and also gives players access to vehicles to travel around and collect maximum loot.

3. Sosnova Military Base

PUBG best loot locations on erangel map

Sosnova Military Base is one of the major landmarks islands of Erangel map. Though the island is bombed, it has plenty of intact buildings and structures to hide and collect loot. Players can get a good amount of weapons, ammo, and other resources from here as it is one of the prime locations for loot in PUBG.

4. Gatka

PUBG best loot locations on erangel map

Gatka is a small town or city on the Erangel. Being a small city many players underestimate it for having any loot. But we suggest you land here as it is a low-risk spot on the map with enough buildings and open fields and can actually get you ideal loot.

5. Pochinki

PUBG best loot locations on erangel map

This is a large city on the Erangel map with a high risk as there will be many players landing in here. The location has large buildings with a very tight spacing hence giving us enough space to hide and go ahead. As a popular loot spot in Erangel this location is of high risk but worth the rewards that you can collect from here.

To sum this up, we suggest you go for these hot spots but also try and test your luck on the lesser-known landing spots on the map. These unknown or not-so-popular locations also have an ideal loot and can be collected by the players at lower risk.

With this, we come to the end of this article on the best loot locations on the Erangel map. Do check our another article on the hot drop location on the Sanhok map in PUBG for the best loots and safe spots.