How to find an air conveyor, ride it and complete the mission in PUBG?

Here is a complete guide for your adventure ride on an air conveyor in PUBG.

PUBG is in the hype because of its amazing battle royale gameplay. The new event in PUBG 1.5 has come up with its greatest update of the game named mission Ignition. In this mission, all you got to do is find an air conveyor and ride it 10 times to earn exciting rewards in PUBG. The aim behind the introduction of this air conveyor in the game is to launch players in escape-pod type n air from one location on the map and appear on the other location quickly.

How to find and ride Air Conveyor in mission Ignition of PUBG?

air conveyor pubg

To ride an air conveyor in PUBG you first need to find it on the map. Here is a quick step-wise guide on Air Conveyor: Ignition mission in PUBG.

  • Launch PUBG mobile and click on the “classic” button above the start button.
  • In the “options” tab click on EvoGround, Mission Igition option on the screen.
  • Players can choose FPP and TPP modes and select multiplayer and single player mode at the bottom right.
  • Once the mission is on you can go for solo mode or multiplayer mode and start the mission after selecting all your preferences.
  • Go to the map and try to look for orange dots on the map. All these orange dots represent air conveyor sites.
  • Choose any one location of your choice and go to that location from the nearest Launchpad.
  • When you see an air conveyor go close to it and press ENTER to ride it. Follow the same step for the next 10 times to complete the mission and get your reward.

This is everything you need to know about How to find an air conveyor ride it and complete the mission in PUBG. While you are here also check out a quick guide on how to enable 90 FPS in PUBG Mobile.