PUBG Aimbot: How To Auto-Aim in PUBG Mobile?

Aimbot is one of the most common hack that players use in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a highly competitive game and players are always looking for a way to get ahead in the game. Unfortunately, hacks and mods are often a big part of this process. This might give advantage to the player applying the hack but it ends up ruining the experience for other players in the game. Aimbot is one of the most common hack that players use to auto-aim in PUBG Mobile. Players can only use auto-aim through hacks in PUBG Mobile as there is no officially sanctioned way to do so. Let us learn a bit more about how to use Auto-Aim in PUBG Mobile.

What Is PUBG Aimbot?


PUBG Aimbot is a hacking tool that lets players auto-aim so that they can get tricky headshots or long range shots easily. This is especially used by players that want to build up their stats in the game. Since a lot of Aimbots can also auto-shoot once it locks on to a target, it makes winning the game quite easy.

How To Install An Aimbot in PUBG Mobile?

While Aimbots are completely against the spirit of the game, a lot of players use them to win. Here’s how players can install an Aimbot in PUBG Mobile.


  • Run the mod apk file for the PUBG Aimbot.
  • Download the latest app version of the mod.
  • Open file manager and now launch the APK file.
  • Customize the aimbot in the app.
  • Run PUBG Mobile and see that it now has the aimbot enabled.

Is It Safe To Use PUBG Aimbot?

Aimbots are banned in PUBG Mobile by the developers. If a player is caught using an Aimbot to get ahead in the game, there account will be banned. In fact, if a player is reported by another player of cheating and using an Aimbot, they might face a ban for up to 10 years on that account.



This is why it is best not to use hacks to win easily in the matches. It is quite easy to detect Aimbots as developers now have anti-hack programs in the game server. It is also quite easy to tell that a player is using a hack if they shoot through a wall and get a kill. In the end, Aimbots are not worth the trouble of getting a ban. In fact, PUBG Mobile is actively banning accounts that are using unfair means to win matches in the game.

That is all you need to know about PUBG Aimbots in the game. For similar content, see Valorant: How To Get Aimbot Hack And Its Repercussions?