How To Get Room Cards For Free In Free Fire?

Room cards enable you to create custom rooms to play with your friends. Here's how to get Room cards for free in Free fire.

Free Fire is raging through the multiplayer scene. Even though it is the battle royale mode that gets all the hype players prefer to play in personal custom rooms as well. Players can create custom rooms using Room cards in Free fire. Only a specific number of players are allowed in custom rooms and you can choose the arena as well as put some extra conditions as well. Let’s see how you can get room cards in Free fire

How To Get Room Cards in Free fire?

Free fire room cards
There are two ways of getting room cards in Free fire either you can buy it or win it as a weekly reward. Players can buy a room card for 100 diamonds from the store in Free fire. After clicking on the store icon, select the “item” tab on the right and you will see the “room card”. 100 diamonds might seem a bit much for players. Don’t worry as there is a freeway as well to get the room cards.

Players can get room cards as rewards for completing weekly targets. All you have to do is join an active guild and collect a total of 1800 dog tags. Make sure you collect all the dog tags in the given week. Once you have collected all the dog tags you and all the other members of the guild will get a 1x room card and other rewards as well.

This makes it even more necessary for players to join a more active guild that chases the targets every week. In case you change the guild mid-week your progress from the previous guild won’t carry forward, so avoid changing mid-week. As of now, these are the only ways to get room cards. In case we find other ways we will update the article so keep an eye on it.

Now that you know how to get Room cards, do check out our article to know how to download Free fire Rampage.