Can You Still Register For Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021?

Here's a quick guide on how to register for FFPL Summer 2021.

Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021 has already started and thousands of players are taking part in it but there are many who still don’t know how to register for this tournament.

For the unversed, Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021 started on June 26th, 2021, and will continue till July 18th, 2021. If you have not registered for FFPL Summer 2021 yet, make sure to do it as quickly as possible as players are given a redeem code on a daily basis.

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FFPL has 18 teams across the country competing for a whopping price poo of Rs 35 lakh.

Free Fire Pro League Registration Guide

If you don’t know the procedure for FFPL registration then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Free Fire and tap on the red cup icon, which can be found on the top right side of the screen.
  • When you tap on the FFPL link, you will see the match schedule, score info, progression info, and other information related to the tournament.
  •  Click on the squad button, which can be found on the left side of the join a team/create button.
  • Provide all the required information such as names, contact info, regions, and more.
  • Once provided, click on the Submit button
  • Now, you will have to recruit players that you want to add to your squad by clicking on the recruit and invite button.

Note: The registration process for FFPL Summer 2021 has been closed. Yes, it was only open between June 1st to June 4th, 2021.

Where To Watch FF Pro League 2021 Summer?

Similar to previous FF events and tournaments, Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer will be live-streamed on the official Free Fire Esports India YouTube and Facebook channels. Apart from YouTube and Facebook, fans can also watch FFPL 2021 Summer on the Booyah streaming app.