Mummy Eva Free Fire ID, Real Face, Country & More

Here's everything you need to know about Free Fire streamer, Mummy Eva.

There are millions of players across the world who play Garena Free Fire on a daily basis. There are tons of FF players who want to play the battle royale game with prominent players and for that, they need their Free Fire ID. The Free Fire ID that fans are currently searching for is Mummy Eva.

There are tons of fans who have been searching for Mummy Eva’s Free Fire ID and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Mummy Eva’s Free Fire ID

The Free Fire ID of Mummy Eva is 11111111 and her in-game alias is Mummy Eva. According to reports, it is the first-ever ID created in Free Fire. However, it is yet to be confirmed by Garena.

Mummy Eva Free Fire ID

Irrespective of whether this is the first Free Fire ID or not, Mummy Eva’s ID is unique and has left millions of fans wondering ‘Who is Mummy Eva?’

Who Is Mummy Eva?

Mummy Eva is an Indonesian Free Fire Streamer, who often uploads videos of her playing the game on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The popularity of Mummy Eva continues to rise with each passing day as she keeps updating fans about the latest in-game items and events on social media accounts.

She might play Free Fire on Indonesia and Singapore server but there are tons of fans who want to play her on the Indian server. Whenever she puts a post on Instagram and Facebook, her fans urge her to play on the Indian server.

You can see the fan’s comment below.

Mummy Eva Free Fire ID Mummy Eva Free Fire ID

Mummy Eva Real Face

As we have mentioned above Mummy Eva is an avid social media user and she often uploads pictures of her along with other Free Fire streamers. If you don’t know how does she look like then you can see the below pictures.

Mummy Eva Free Fire ID

There are plenty of Mummy Eva’s pictures available on Instagram but we did not find a single picture that has her face not covered with a mask.

Mummy Eva Free Fire ID Mummy Eva Free Fire ID

That’s everything you need to know about Mummy Eva. As soon as we come to know more about her, we will this post.