Moblegends Site Free Fire (July 2022): All About This Skin Generator?

Here's everything you need to know about Moblegends.

Garena Free Fire often launches new characters, emotes, gun skins, and Gloo wall skins for players to obtain but it costs Diamonds most of the time. Since Diamond is an in-game currency and can’t be obtained without real money, millions of FF players usually search for third-party websites or tools. One such website is Moblegends.

Ever since Moblegends was launched and went viral on the internet, a lot of Free Fire players are wondering if this website is legit because it claims to provides Free Fire skins and Diamonds without spending a single buck.

In this post, we will break down everything about Moblegends, including what it is, how to obtain free skins and Diamonds, and what happens if you get caught by using this website.

About Moblegends Site Free Fire

Moblegends is a website similar to Free Fire or Free Fire According to reports, this website often launches giveaways free gun skins, and Diamonds. This website actually works like a Free Fire Diamond or Skin generator.

In our previous article, we have already mentioned the names of five Free Fire Skin generators that are 100% fake and this one seems to be the new one added to the list.

Why Do Players Search For FF Skin Generator?

As we have mentioned above, Garena often rolls out new updates, and with each update, they introduce new guns and Gloo wall skins. Some players instantly buy the newly added gun skins but many don’t have money to spend on in-game items.

Those who don’t spend their money on buying in-game items usually search for websites like Moblegends to obtain free skins and Diamonds.

How To Get Free Skins From Moblegends Site?

Obtaining Diamonds and free skins through moblegends is too easy. Those who don’t know the procedure should follow the given steps:

  • Visit Moblegends Site

Moblegends Site Free Fire

  • When you land on its homepage, you will be asked to enter your Free Fire username and the device on which you play the game.
  • Once entered, you will have to click on Proceed option.

Moblegends Site Free Fire

  • You will have to select any one secure connection. Once selected, click on the Proceed option.

Moblegends Site Free Fire

  • Now, you will have to enter the number of Coins and Diamonds that you want to obtain through this site. After entering the numbers, click on the Proceed option.
  • When you do so, you will be asked to complete a Human Verification process.
  • When you click on Verify, a new window will pop up on the screen, asking you to download and use an application for 30-second.
  • The website claims that you will get the selected Coins and Diamonds when you do so.
  • When we tested this Free Fire skin generator and completed all steps, we did not receive anything.
  • This is just yet another spammy and fraudulent website that claims to work as a Free Fire skin and Diamond generator.

Is Moblegends Site Safe Or Not?

No, this website is 100% fake and does not provide either Diamonds or Free Fire skins. What all this website does is collect Free Fire usernames from users and sell them to third-party websites. Not only Moblegends, I strictly advise you to avoid visiting any website that claims to provide skins and diamonds for free.

Can I Get Banned For Obtaining Free Fire Skins & Diamonds From Moblegends?

We can’t directly say YES but there are chances that your FF accounts will get banned if you get caught by using any website similar to Moblegends. It is not us telling you that your account will get banned or suspended, Garena in its FAQ section made it very clear that they have a zero-tolerance policy against cheating.

Here’s what Garena has to say about players using websites like Moblegends:

  • “Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy against cheating. We will permanently ban their accounts used for cheating. Devices used for cheating will also be banned from playing Free Fire again using any other accounts.”

  • “Using any unauthorized third party programs which are not released by Garena, modifying of the game client and/or playing in a modified game client in order to use functions which are not existent on the official game.”

That’s everything you need to know about Moblegends site Free Fire.