FF McLaren Top Up Event: How To Get McLaren P1 & Win And Chil Emote For Free

Here's a quick guide on how to obtain both McLaren P1 and Win and Chil emote in Free Fire.

Free Fire has just rolled out a new event, OB28, introducing plenty of new events and features to the game. The first event that has got everyone excited is McLaren top-up event, which is underway in the game.

As soon as Garena put a post on social media informing fans that they have just added a world-famous car to Free Fire, there are millions of fans who want to obtain it as soon as possible. The newly added car McLaren P1 has a streamlined shape, saturated colour, and a gorgeous spoiler.

Since it is can be obtained through the top up event, players are required to spend Diamonds and that can only be purchased with real money.

McLaren Top-up Event: How To Get McLaren P1 In Free Fire

As we have mentioned above, McLaren P1 in Free Fire can only be obtained with Diamonds, make sure you have sufficient Diamonds in your account before you follow the given steps. If you don’t have Diamonds then you can buy 520 Diamonds at merely Rs 120. To know how to click on this link. 

McLaren P1 – Car Skin

Before we explain the procedure of obtaining McLaren P1 in FF, let me tell you that this event will only be available til June 15th, 2021. So, if you want to grab this stylish car, make sure to top up before the said date.

To obtain McLaren P1, players will need to head to the Events section and then navigate the Mclaren Top-up Event.

Free Fire McLaren Top Up Event

The ongoing event is offering two amazing items — McLaren P1 and Win And Chil. In order to get your hands on McLaren P1 car skin, you will have to top up 200 Diamonds. Yes, when you are done topping up 200 Diamonds, you will receive this stunning car skin for free.

Win And Chil – Emote

The second item that this event is offering is an emote named, Win and Chil. Similar to McLaren P1, you will have to top up Diamonds but this time they will have to purchase 500 Diamonds. If you successfully top up 500 Diamonds then you will be given Win and Chil emote as a reward for free.

If you don’t know how to top up Diamonds in Free Fire then you can click on this link to know the entire process.