What Is Honor Score In Free Fire MAX?

Honor Score in Free Fire MAX values fair play while punishing abusive or unfair players.

Free Fire MAX is a battle royale game with a huge player base. Unfortunately, with a large number of players, the chances of a toxic gaming environment also increase. To promote fairer gaming conditions, the developers have introduced the concept of Honor Score in Free Fire MAX. This is sort of a grading system that values fair play while punishing abusive or unfair players.

Let us take a closer look at the Honor System and how players can keep their scores high.

Free Fire MAX Honor Score: All You Need To Know


Free Fire MAX developers are quite serious about promoting a healthier gaming environment for all its players and the Honor Score System is proof of that. It rewards players that maintain fair and good behavior while punishing inconsistent and bad behavior. Players that fall below a certain level in the Honor Score will keep getting banned in certain game modes. For example, players with an Honor Score below 90 will be banned from CS Ranked and Time-limited Ranked Mode. However, if a player’s Honor Score falls below 60, they will be banned from all team and ranked modes.

What Lowers A Player’s Honor Score?

Players that want to maintain a high Honor Score must avoid certain actions that are considered improper in Free Fire MAX. This includes being AFK during matches often, being verbally abusive, quitting matches consistently, or creating a toxic environment for other players in any way. Players can keep a check on their Honor Score through their Profile section. If a player maintains ideal behavior they can earn up to 100 points.

The developers have also added an option to report other players if they are being abusive or using unfair means to win. Players will get a 20% additional honor score deduction if their violation rates are between 30-40%. Similarly, if a player’s violation rates are between 40-50%, they will face an additional score reduction of 40%. At a 50-70% violation rate, there will be a 60% additional score deduction. lastly, a player that has a violation score above 70% will get 80% additional score deduction.

However, it’s not all punishment. Players that maintain a high Honor Score will also get rewarded for their efforts. The developers will reward such players with 500 gold coins, 20 universal fragments, and two random loot crates as weekly rewards.

This is all players need to know about the Honor Score in Free Fire MAX. For more FF guides, check out How To Get Garena Free Fire Max Expansion Packs?