Free Fire Max- How To Get Free Diamonds In December 2021?

Don't want to spend real world money and get diamonds in Free Fire Max? Then check this out!

The global version of Free Fire Max is finally out and millions of fans have already started enjoying it on their Android and iOS users. As you begin Free Fire Max, you will need Diamonds that are its the in-game currency, which will help you buy various in-game items.  There is one and only way to get diamonds in Free Fire Max and that is by spending real-world money.

But this method might not suit every player’s pocket therefore we have got few more ways for you to get Free Fire Max Diamonds for free without spending any money. Without any further go let’s get to the best way to get free Diamonds in Free Fire Max.

Top 3 Best Apps To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire Max

There are many applications and websites on the internet that promise to reward you with playable credits. But not all of them are trustworthy, therefore it is very important to choose the correct one before you invest your time in them.

We have got the list of best apps that are available for free on App Stores that actually help you earn the playable credits that you can use instead of real-world money to get Diamonds in Free Fire Max for free. Here is a list of all the applications:

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application available on Google Play Store for free. Download the application and make your account to earn money or playable credits to get free Diamonds in Free Fire Max. All you need to do in this application is complete surveys according to your area of interest anytime and the credits will be deposited in your account. Once you collect enough amount of credits, get straight to Free Fire Max and buy Diamonds using these credits.

2) Pay Poll

free Diamonds in Free Fire Max

Pay Poll is also an app available to download for free on all app stores. Pay Poll asks you to watch videos, complete surveys, and quests to get Gift cards and playable credits in your account that you can use to buy diamonds and other items in the game.

3) Easy Rewards

free Diamonds in Free Fire Max

Easy Rewards is a very interesting app that gives you credits for playing games. Yes, you heard me right, There are so many small games that you have to play on the Easy Rewards app and get playable credits in return. You can use these credits to not only get Diamonds in Free Fire Max but you can use them for many other games instead of real-world money.

Here we come to the end of the list of best applications to earn diamonds in Free Fire Max. Check out one more article to know about the V badge in Free Fire Max.