Garena Free Fire M1887 – Everything You Need To Know About This Shotgun

Here is everything detail about M1887 in Garena Free Fire.

There are plenty of guns to use in Garena Free Fire for all the players which they can customize with different skins and accessories. If you are looking for the best shotgun in Free Fire then you must try using M1887. It gives very high damage with a very slow rate of fire. Here is everything you need to know about the Free Fire M1887.

Why M1887 Is The Best Gun In Free Fire?

Free Fire M1887

M1887 is the best Shotgun in Garena Free Fire because it gives 100 damage, with a decent rate of fire combined with a high reloading speed. You might not be able to get your hands on it if you are new to Free Fire. The only downside of M1887 is it has two shells in its chamber. Check this guide to know more about all the different skins and tips to use M1887.

Free Fire M1887: All Skins

1) Hand of Hope

This is a very similar skin to One Punch Man. Hand of Hope is found in the Hope Ascension Token Tower event. This skin looks really great, with fluorescent green colored patches on it. The only drawback of this gun is it has only 2 ammo per magazine.

2) One-Punch Man M1887

It is one of the rarest skin in the Free fire and was released in collaboration with One-Punch Man Anime. The story of this anime is based on a character called Saitama. He is so powerful that he can kill enemies with one punch. This skin is also made on the same theme where you can hit people with just one shot, just like Saitama. It gives a double boost while reloading the gun and recovers faster than other guns available in Free Fire.

3) Tropical Parrot M1887

Tropical Parrot is the first legendary skin of this gun. It does not have double plus” buffs but it really does not affect its performance much. It has a plus point that it has ‘one tap kill’ which can help kill people with just one tap in Free Fire.

4) Rapper Underworld M1887

As we have already mentioned, M1887 has a great rate of damage, Rapper Underworld skin adds an extra damage rate with an extra firing rate to the gun. It has a faster reload speed that gives easier headshots with a faster fire rate.

5) Winterlands M1887

Winterlands is the weakest skin for this weapon. The players have to be in the usual range of the weapon to score a kill using this skin. Also, it has a very high reload time which is the major demerit of Winterlands.

Tips And Tricks To Use M1887 In Free Fire.

  • M1887 in Free Fire is a highly sensitive gun so make sure do not aim exactly in the center to get a perfect headshot. Aim a little away from the point where you have to shoot and get a perfect headshot in the Free Fire.
  • M1887 can be used at maximum sensitivity to get perfect shots in while firing. If you are not used to the maximum sensitivity settings in the game then you can always change it according to your preference and see what suits you the best.
  • Keep Activate the quick weapon switch option on to sap between different weapons for different ranges in Free Fire you can find this option in settings under the control menu.
  • If you are a player who always sticks to using a shotgun like M1877 then use Gloo wall to save yourself from enemies because you will be in a very close radius with enemies.
  • All shotguns have a very small capacity for ammo. So make sure you keep a close look at ammo while firing. M1877 has only two ammo‘s so spend it wisely.

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