Helping Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Stats, KD Ratio, Monthly Income & More

From Free Fire ID, KD ratio, Stats, earnings, to YouTube subscribers, here's everything about Helping Gamer.

Gaming Industry in India has witnessed significant growth over the year and Garena Free Fire played a pivotal role in it. The reason behind its consistent growth is there are dozens of content creators in India that upload videos of them playing the game on YouTube and Twitch.

One such content creator is Sarfraz, who is popularly known as Helping Gamer. He started his YouTube channel way back in 2018 and in a span of merely three years, he has amassed more than 6 million subscribers on his primary channel.

Sarfraz AKA Helping Gamer Wiki

Similar to other popular Free Fire content creators, fans want to know Helping Gamer’s Free Fire ID, stats, net worth, income, and more. If you are interested in reading these things about him then keep reading this post.

Helping Gamer’s Free Fire ID

Helping Gamer’s Free Fire is 517121909.

Lifetime stats

As of May 2021, he played 6799 Squad matches and registered victory in 1128 matches, taking his win rate 16.59%. In the said matches, he reported having killed 15321 players with a KD ratio of 2.70, which is not extraordinary.

Duo Mode

In duo mode, Helping Gamer played 2880 matches and turned out a winner in 186 matches only. He has a win rate of 6.45%. His KD ratio in duo mode is 2.03.

Solo Mode

When it comes to Solo games, he played 2744 matches and won only 170 matches, making his win rate 6.19%. In the said matches, he killed only 4704 players, with a KD ratio of 1.83.

Ranked stats

He played only 10 Squad matches in the current ranked season and has won a single Booyah as of now. He has a win rate of 10%. He merely killed 10 players at a KD ratio of 1.11 in this mode.

Notably, Helping Gamer has not registered a single victory in both Duo and Solo mode.

Helping Gamer’s Monthly Income

Sarfraz has not disclosed his earning on social media as of yet. However, if anything to go Social Blade, Helping Gamer’s estimate monthly earning is between $7.8k to $124.6K.

Helping Gamer’s YouTube channel

Helping Gamer has two YouTube channels — Helping Gamer or Helping Gamer Live. Both channels were created in the year 2018. As of May 2021, he has 6.33 million and 430K subscribers on his primary and secondary YouTube channels, respectively.

That’s everything you need to know about Free Fire content creator, Helping Gamer.