What Does EP Mean In Free Fire And How To Get It

EP is a term that is often used in Free Fire.

Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game for Android and iOS. In the game, players can use EP to restore their health over time. However, this raises the question of what is EP and how can players get it in Free Fire. Let us take a closer look at this below.

What Is EP In Free Fire?


EP is short for Energy Points which can be pretty useful for players. In case players get injured during some point in the match, EP can be converted to HP. It is converted at the rate of 1 EP per second. Players do not have to do anything to convert the EP. If the character’s health is low, the game will automatically convert stored EP to grant health.

How To Get EP In Free Fire?

Now that players know what EP means, let us move on to how it can be obtained.

In addition to the methods below, Free Fire also has some characters that can boost EP gain or increase the maximum EP Limit. For example, with Miguel’s passive Crazy Slayer player’s can get 80 EP for each kill.

Apart from the character skills, there are 2 ways to get EP.


It is the most efficient method of refilling EP in Squad or Duo mode as its effects are multiplied here. Bonfire restores EP for all allied players at the rate of 10 EP per second. Players can use it for up to 9 seconds.


Players can find Mushrooms all around Free Fire. Depending on the level of the Mushroom, players can get anywhere between 50 to 200 EP. This task can be made easier if players have a Shiba Inu pet.

That is all that players need to know about what is EP and how they can get it in Free Fire. For more FF content, check out How To Get Haven Guardian Loot Box For Free In Free Fire