Free Fire Nicknames In Tamil (November 2022): 200+ Stylish & Cool Names

Here's a list of FF Nicknames like SK Sabir & Boss in Tamil.

Garena Free Fire is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royale video games in India. There are millions of players who play this amazing game on a daily basis but they seem to be not happy with the names they have in the game, specifically Tamil people.

There are thousands of Tamil Free Fire players who have been searching for the best and stylish nicknames that they can put as their usernames in the game. We all know Free Fire is widely covered by all major Gaming Websites but we have not found a single website dedicated to Tamil players.

Regardless of how better a player you are in Free Fire but you must be wondering how to keep your name stylish. Everybody wants to have a unique and stylish name that should grab everyone’s attention in FF.

There are tons of Tamil Free Fire players who have been looking for unique, amazing, cool and stylish nicknames and if you too are one of them don’t look further, we have got you covered. All FF Tamil nicknames that we have mentioned here are created by name generator. So, it is likely that the name must have been used by someone else.

If you use any of the below-mentioned Free Fire Tamil nicknames and you get a message that says the name has already been used or taken, make sure to tweak them a bit and use them.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the vast list of FF Tamil nicknames that you can use right now.

Free Fire Tamil Nicknames – Nov 2022

Free Fire Tamil Nicknames
◤ʙᴏss◢ Rajni
◤۝ᴇᴠɪʟ ????◥
꧁?? ◤எரியாடி◥꧂
*•.¸♡ எந்தாய் ♡¸.•*


These are some Tamil Free Fire nicknames that players can use in 2022. If you don’t like the above collection then visit this site from time to time because we will keep you updated with the latest and new nicknames.

Tamil Free Fire Nicknames Translated in English

There are hundreds of Tamil FF players who want to have a stylish nickname but in the English language. With that in mind, we have brought to you a list of stylish English names that Tamil FF players can use.

  • ꧁༒☬????????☬༒
  • ꧂꧁༺кคภﻮкคɭคг༻꧂
  • ℓєgєи∂۝ᴬᵈᵃʳᵃᵛᵃⁿ
  • ꧁•Vαɾαԃԋαɳ•ᵃˡᵒᵏ꧂
  • ꧁☬Vᴀʟʟᴀʟ☬꧂
  • ꧁༒❦Pɪᴛʜᴀ❦༒꧂
  • ꧁༒ ☬?.?.?.?.?.?☬༒꧂
  • ʙᴏss•P??vคŇŇα?͢✿࿐☂
  • ♛кค๔คשยɭ♛
  • ꧁དᦔ?༒קคɭשคภภคภཌ꧂
  • ??᭄༆ᑎIᖇᑌGᗩᑎTᕼᗩᑎ࿐
  • ❦︻╦̵̵͇╤─ΘᏁᎥᎥᏒᏗᏁᎥᎷᏗᏁᎥ
  • ▄︻┻═┳一☬ ₖₐdₐₘbₐ ᵥₐₙₐₜₕₜₕᵢᵣₐᵢ ☬
  • ཧᜰ꙰ꦿ➢кคקคɭเ༒
  • sv̸isanadi ヅ
  • ◥꧁☬❀BOSS❀☬꧂◤
  • ꧁ †_Valiyan_† ꧂
  • ᴺᴸ꧁Vidalai°ᴵᴰ꧂
  • ꧁༺Marilamani༻꧂
  • ꧁༒☬☠︎LÙÇKY☠︎☬༒꧂
  • ?ⱼ•꧁คrค๓นthน̶꧂
  • ꧁࿈༼uɐʞǝu∀࿈꧂
  • ✞ঔৣ۝???????۝ঔৣ✞
  • ꧁༒☬ᶜᴿᴬᶻᵞ?????™☬༒꧂
  • Ɱąѵմɾìէհէհąղ©
  • ♞★爪丨ҜҜ卂尺丨ㄥ丨☹☯

Free Fire Nicknames Like Boss In Tamil

If you are an ardent fan of Free Fire, you must know how Boss is? For the unversed, Boss is a renowned Free Fire player and has a beautiful FF name. The only reason why people search Free Fire nicknames like Boss is it has a huge fan following on Social Media platforms.

If you too want to have a Free Fire user name like Boss in the Tamil language, don’t look further as we have got your back.

  • ꧁I₦D༒பாஸ்꧂
  • ꧁༒•The•பாஸ்༒꧂
  • ꧁பாஸ்࿐℘ℜøo꧂
  • 乂பாஸ்࿐alok࿐乂
  • ??ᴮᴬᴰமுதலாளிツ??
  • ◤Đ۝₥ɨη₳イΣ Ǝ℣ɨⱢ◥
  • ࿐༵༆༒lover??பாஸ்༒༆࿐༵
  • ༆ᴸᴼᴿᴰபாஸ்༆࿐
  • ༒☬☠Maggie☠︎பாஸ்☬༒
  • ◤IND◢ பாஸ்
  • ꧁༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄乂๖பாஸ்꧂
  • ꧁ᶦᶰᵈ᭄乂முதலாளி꧂
  • ꧁༒☬முதலாளி☬༒꧂
  • ꧁??முதலாளி??꧂
  • ꧁king☬பாஸ்꧂
  • ️꧁☠️sk-sabir️பாஸ்☠️꧂
  • ༆࿋ོ༙sexyமுதலாளி࿑༵༵༵ྃྈ྄
  • ??பாஸ்??❦

Free Fire Nicknames Like SK Sabir In Tamil

SK Sabir is yet another popular Free Fire player who has millions of followers across all social media platforms. He has huge followers coming from South India. Yes, there are tons of Tamil people who play FF who want to have a stylish name like SK Sabir and if you too are one of them then you are at the perfect place.

  • Sᴋ᭄Sᴀʙɪʀᴮᴼˢˢ
  • ꧁༺Sᴋ᭄SABIRᴮᵒˢˢ༻꧂
  • ░T░I░G░E░R░
  • ꧁༺Sᴋ᭄CHETANᴮᵒˢˢ༻꧂
  • ꧁༺Sᴋ᭄Saddamᴮᵒˢˢ꧂
  • As᭄Sᴀʟɪᴍᴾᴿᴼ࿐
  • ??ᴍʀ᭄.R.O.Y.a.L༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
  • J҉O҉K҉E҉R҉
  • ❖viꜱʜᴀʟ ᭄ᴮᴼˢˢ
  • ꧁༺Sᴋ᭄SABBIRᴮᵒˢˢ༻꧂
  • ἬƤ★ṨᾋĿἿṂ࿐ᴳᴹ
  • Sᴋ᭄JOMRAJᴮᴼˢˢ࿐

These are some unique and cool FF nicknames in Tamil. If you loved this collection, be sure to visit this page very frequently because we will keep updating this list on a daily or weekly basis.

How To Change Free Fire Name?

Now you must be wondering how to put these stylish and cool nicknames in Free Fire. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. To change the name in Free Fire, you simply need to follow the given steps:

  • First, you will have to copy the desired name.
  • Launch Garena Free Fire on your phone.
  • Go to the profile section
  • Click on the Yellow colour notebook icon.
  • A pop up will appear on the screen
  • Paste the copied name there
  • Now, you will have to pay 390 Diamonds to save the nickname.

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