Free Fire Redeem Codes For Today 16 April 2021

Free Fire redeem codes earns you exclusive in-game items for free.

Free Fire features shit loads of elements that make the game more interesting and fun. Some of them are exclusive and can only be acquired with diamonds, the in-game currency. Since not everyone has enough diamonds, they miss out on the luxury features. If you’re one of these unlucky players, take full advantage of the Free Fire redeem codes listed below.

Free Fire Redeem Codes

Below is the available Free Fire redeem codes for today, 16 April 2021.

Codes Rewards
CONG-RATZ-2MIL Elite Pass & Free Top Up
3SAG-9JQB-JWYS 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers,
2x Diamond Royale Vouchers,
Winterlands Weapon Loot Crate
REYJ-C69-2CEWL Diamond Royale,
Weapon Royale,
Incubator voucher
SARG-886A-V5GR Egg Day Banner, Phantom Bear Bundle
FFES-PORT-S3MU Shirou Bobblehead,
Mr Shark Backpack,
Kelly Bobblehead,
Spikey Spine Surfboard
SDKL-UHG7-GYT9 Titian Scar Gun Skins
ZH6C-DBXF-DSPN Head Hunting Parachute
FFBC-T7P7-N2P2 Animal Weapon Loot Crate
FFBC-LY4L-NC4B Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
FFBC-C4QW-KLL9 Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate
9GJT-66GN-DCLN 4x MP40 – Sneaky Clown Weapon Loot Crate
FBSH-ARE1-0RBU Paloma Character
5G9G-CY97-UUD4 1x Rebel Academy Weapon Loot Crate
FF6M-1L8S-QAUY Free Fire Diamonds
FFBC-EGMP-C3HZ Justice Fighter,
Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate
FFIC-DCTS-L5FT Diamond Royale Voucher
SPEH-GSOL-DTUE 50,000 Diamonds Code
FRES-NILM-FAST Free DJ Alok Character
SD19-RKJ1-75GR Free Dragon AK Skin

Note: Codes are made available only for a limited period of time. Therefore, make sure to redeem them as soon as possible. 

Who Provides The FF Codes?

The codes are issued by the developer directly on the social media handles or live stream. When a certain milestone is achieved these codes are normally issued. To escape the consequences, it is important to note avoid falling into the trap of spammy code generators.

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Nonetheless, for less hassle, you can anytime visit our page for the latest Free Fire redeem codes.

How To Redeem FF Codes?

Redeeming Fre Fire codes does not take much effort & time, Just follow the below steps.

  • Step 1: Click here to visit the dedicated Free Fire redemption website.
  • Step 2: Log in via Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Apple ID, and Twitter.
  • Step 3: Copy-paste the code in the empty field.
  • Step 4: Click confirm.
  • Step 5: Open the game.
  • Step 6: Go to the in-game mail section.
  • Step 7: Collect the rewards.

That’s all on Free Fire redeem codes. Need codes for other games? Then click here.