How To Delete Free Fire Facebook Account Permanently?

Learn how to unlink your Free Fire Facebook account permanently.

Many times to skip the lengthy sign-in procedure we go for quick sign-in. Quick sign-in is a method by which we can sign in to any app using the details on our other accounts. Eg. Facebook or Gmail. But when we are tired of any game or any other application we simply go for the uninstall option rather than deleting our accounts linked with it. In this article, we will tell you a method to delete your Free Fire Facebook Account Permanently. So, scroll down check out the steps for the same, and unlink your account successfully.

Why Do We Need To Delete Or Unlink Free Fire Facebook Account?


Instead of deleting your account when you directly choose to uninstall Free Fire or any other game, your account details stay forever in their database. For example, if you sign in to Free Fire using your Facebook account your details will be always saved on their server and they can use it for any purpose. You can even receive some annoying emails or messages even after you uninstall the app.

Hence deleting your account or unlinking it from the source is a good practice in order to avoid annoying messages, emails or to maintain your privacy in the future.

Steps To Delete Free Fire Facebook Account Permanently:


Delete Free Fire Facebook Account Permanently

  • Firstly head to your main menu and open Facebook on your device.
  • Now click on the three-line option on the top right corner of your screen and click on the Settings.
  • In settings scroll down, find ‘Apps And Websites’under Permissions and click on it.
  • On the next screen, you will find a list of all the apps that are connected to your Facebook account.
  • Hit on Garena Free Fire and then on the remove button to unlink it permanently.

This was all about how to delete your Free Fire Facebook account permanently. Check out our another article on the best zombie games of all time.