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Top 7 Best Pets In Free Fire (November 2022)

Find all the best Pets in Garena Free Fire!

Best Pets in Free Fire: As we all know Garena Free Fire is the best battle royale game that can be played in two modes: Clash Squad mode and Battle Royale mode solo, duo, or in teams. Pets in Free Fire are the cutest company one can have in the game. These pets come with special abilities that help players enhance their overall experience in the game.

Free Fire pets do not only boost the skills of players but also help them achieve higher heights in the game. So, if you want to level up faster with the help of these special pets then here you go!

Free Fire: List Of Top 7 Best Pets To Use! (2022)

Free Fire Pets aren’t available for free. You can get them by participating in events, challenges, or from the in-game store using free diamonds. Here is a complete list of our favorite pets in Free Fire along with their abilities!

1. Falco

best pets in free fire

Falco has a special skill called Skyline Spree in Free Fire. It plays an important role in landing smoothly when you start any match. You can use this pet in duo or Battle Royale mode only as it does not get activated in Clash Squad mode. Even if one team member has Falco unlocked and updated up to a certain level, all players on the team can have the advantage of it. It increases gliding speed by 45% when you skydive, and a 50% increase in speed when the parachute opens.

2. Beaston

best pets in free fire

Beaston is the ‘helping hand’ in Clash Squad mode. Unlike Clash Squad mode which has a limited map, Beaston plays a very important role here. It helps you to increase the throwing distance of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade by 30% more than your opponents.

3. Rockie

best pets in free fire

This is the cutest pet in Free Fire that players can use in Clash Squad Mode. It has pretty green eyes and skills to ‘Stay Chill’ in the game. It helps to decrease the cooldown time of equipped skills by 15%. This can be one of the best pets in Free Fire as it will impact your other equipped skills by decreasing the cooldown time.

4. Detective Panda

best pets in free fire

Panda is the furball in Free Fire that can help you restore your HP on every kill. It has a special skill or ability called ‘Panda’s Blessing’ that restores 10HP on every kill. It is best used in Clash Squad mode again as there is a lot of combat here as compared to the battle royale game. Upgrade the panda and increase the amount of HP restored upon every kill.

5. Mr. Waggor

best pets in free fire

Mr. Waggor is the coolest pet one can have in Free Fire. It is blessed with a special skill called ‘Smooth Gloo’ that produces one Gloo Wall Grenade every 100 seconds in the match. This is activated at the very moment when the player is left with less than 2 grenades in their account. You can unlock Mr. Waggor by completing different challenges in the game.

6. Sensei Tig

best pets in free fire

He is the most extensively used pet in Free Fire. Its special ability ‘Nimble Ninja’ is capable of reducing the enemy’s man-marking skill by 30-50% depending on the level at which it is upgraded. Sensei Tig was introduced in the Top-up even and was available to be purchased for 100 diamonds.

7. Ottero

best pets in free fire

Ottero can restore the EP (Experience Point) by Treatment Gun or a Med Kit by 30% in the matches. When it is upgraded up to the last level it is capable of increasing your EP up to 60-65% in Free Fire.

Here we come to the end of our best pets list in Garena Free Fire. While you are here, click on the link and explore through are various guides on Free Fire for all the codes, tips, and tricks in the game.