Top 5 Best Female Characters In Free Fire (November 2022)

From Kelly, Steffie, Moco to Dasha, here's a list of the best women characters in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire has numerous characters based on real-life actors and celebrities such as Hrithik Roshan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kashika Kapoor, and others. Since the list of women Free Fire characters is endless, we have compiled a list of the best female characters in Free Fire and their skills & abilities.

The developer of Free Fire keeps adding new male and female characters to the game and if you have been playing it for a while then you must know about the same. With every new update, Garena introduces a couple of new characters and the latest update was no different.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Female Characters In Free Fire – November 2022

Unlike other websites, we will not only reveal the name of the best female characters in Free Fire but also their origins, dates of birth, ability, occupation, and more.

1. Xayne

Best Female characters in Free Fire

Xayne is one of the hottest female characters in Free Fire. Introduced in OB27, she has Extreme Encounter ability, which provides 80 HP and increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Notably, her effects last for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 150 seconds.

Official Description:

Xayne was always interested in more extreme activities even when she was a kid. She prefers the adrenaline rush of xtreme sports instead of human interaction. Free-spirit, she wants to explore life and find its limits. If someone questions her ability to accomplish a mission, she will definitely find a way to do it.

Character Xayne
Gender Female
DOB April 21st
Age 23
Occupation  —-
Ability Extreme Encounter

2. Dasha

Best Female characters in Free Fire

Dasha is a good-looking female Free Fire character belonging to Russia. She is merely 25-year-old. Her special ability is to have fun and be in a party mood. Since she had a terrible childhood, she decided to put a smile on everyone’s face. If you

There are various reasons to get Dasha in Free Fire and one of them is her ability to reduce damage taken and recovery time from falls.

Official Description:

Dasha was a very happy and productive child but then a series of unfortunate events came into her life. Her parents died, her best friend moved away, her foster family was terrible to her and her country was on the brink of war. She felt betrayed, mistreated and abused by people and the system. When she was 18 she had to make a choice: fight for survival, let her past destroy her or to let it all go and have fun. She chose the third option, using fun as a weapon to take back her life.

Character Dasha
Gender Female
DOB December 8th
Age 25
Ability Partying On

5. Kelly

Best Female Characters in Free Fire

Kelly is the youngest female character in Free Fire. Like a fortunate kid, she was living a dream life with her adopted mom, Rena and Step-dad Andrew but things took an ugly turn and they separated. Their separation does not seem to affect Kelly because she continues to have a talk with Andrew whenever she gets a chance.  Kelly’s special ability is Deadly Velocity which has the potential to improve the movement speed by 6%.

Official Description:

In childhood, she was a happy go-lucky kid and had a happy life with her adopted-mom, Rena, and step-dad, Andrew. When her mom and Andrew got divorced she was extremely sad but still talks to Andrew whenever she gets the chance. Kelly was always a good runner, but in high school her track coach discovered her and she became the school track star.

Character Kelly
Gender Female
DOB April 1st
Age 17
Occupation  —-
Ability Deadly Velocity

4. Moco

Best Female Characters in Free Fire

Moco is yet another hottest female character in Free Fire. For the uninformed, this FF character is based on a popular TV actress, Kashika Kapoor. If you are more into technology and hack someone’s gadget then you should use Moco character because nobody can do this job better than Moco. Once she completes her job, she disappears like a Ghost.

Official Description:

Moco, the legend of the Cyber World. Moco is also known as “chat noir” for her skill and intelligence. She can hack into any computer she wants without anyone noticing. After she gets the information she needs, she disappears like a ghost.

Character Moco
Gender Female
DOB February 13th
Age 20
Occupation Hacker
Ability Enigma’s Eye

5. Steffie

Best Female Characters in Free Fire

Steffie is one of the most beautiful yet strongest women characters in Free Fire. She has been an artist since her childhood. When Future Horizons dominated in the city where she reside, she became a rebel and started creating Graffiti in the city to laugh at their cowardice. She has an ability called Graffiti’s Blessing, which reduces explosive damage and bullets damage by 5% with a cooldown effect of 45 seconds.

Official Description:

Steffie is a liberal artist. Since childhood, she has already shown the surprising gift for art. After the war, Steffie saw the rise of Future Horizons in her country and how they hunted down artists in the name of a better future. She became a famous rebel, leaving amazing graffiti in the city to laugh at their cowardice. To bring back freedom to this world, she joined Cibernetica as their first non-hacker member.

Character Steffie
Gender Female
DOB March 22nd
Age 23
Occupation Graffitist
Ability Graffiti Blessing

These were the 5 best and strong female Free Fire characters that players can use in 2022. Since Garena has plenty of other female characters as well, we will update this list soon.