Top 5 Best Assault Rifles (ARs) In Free Fire (November 2022)

Here are Top 5 best AR guns in Free Fire.

It is very important to use the best AR guns in Garena free fire to win every match and tournaments. Especially during tournaments, it is very essential to know the pros and cons of all AR guns you are planning to use in Free Fire. If you end up choosing the wrong AR gun, you are going to lose the game.

If you are struggling to find the best AR guns in Free Fire then don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this post, we will provide all essential information about top 5 best AR guns in Garena Free Fire.

Top 5 Best AR Guns To Use In Free Fire:


best AR guns in Free Fire

GROZA is placed first in the list of 5 best AR guns in Free Fire because of its maximum body damage to the enemy. It gives body damage of 35-40 on the battlefield. It helps you to get smooth headshots without any grips because of its great accuracy and rate of fire.

But GROZA is used very rarely in the game because of its poor availability. You can get this AR gun only from the airdrops or by bounty tokens.

2) XM8

best AR guns in Free Fire

XM8 is also one of the best AR guns to use in Free Fire. This gun is available very easily. You will not require many attachments to use this gun. It also comes with very good accuracy and rate of fire. It gives you enemy damage of around 57.


best AR guns in Free Fire

AUG has a slightly lower damage rate than GROZA but it is the best gun for mid-range and close-range fights in Garena Free Fire. It has a magazine capacity of 35. The only drawback of this gun is its less accuracy but has a great rate of fire of 61.

4) M14

best AR guns in Free Fire

MR14 is a long-range AR gun suitable for almost all types of firing in the Free Fire. It has very high damage and range. It comes with a special attachment called Rage Core which increases its firing rate by 25 %.


best AR guns in Free Fire

AK is similar to that of AK-47 in the real life. It is a Deadly gun for all the short-range firings in FF. The damage stats of AK is around 60 in the free fire. It can be a bad choice during continuous firing. That’s why it is advised to avoid using AK during mid and long-range shootings.

This is our personal opinion and individual’s opinion on the best AR guns may differ from person to person. Try using these guns and see if it helps you in Free Fire or you can always figure out what suits you the most for you after multiple trials.

That’s it for the top 5 best AR guns in Free Fire. Click on the link to check out the top 5 best apps to get diamonds in Free Fire For Free.