Badge 99 Free Fire ID, Real Name, Photo, Income, Subscribers & More

Here's everything about Free Fire player, Badge 99.

There are thousands of gamers who upload their gameplay videos on Facebook and YouTube but only a few of them gain fame and recognition. One such gamer is Badge 99.

For the unversed, Badge 99 is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators in India, who often uploads videos of him playing the game on YouTube and other social media platforms.

There are millions of fans who watch him playing Free Fire on YouTube and many of them want to play with him as well. To play with Badge 99 or any Free Fire players, you have to have their Free Fire ID.

That’s the reason why millions of his fans often search for Badge 99 Free Fire ID on the internet. If you too are one of them then don’t worry, we have got everything covered here.

Badge 99’s Free Fire ID

The Free Fire ID of Badge 99 is 317768081.

Badge 99 Real Name

Tons of fans know him as Badge 99 but there are many who have been wondering what is Badge 99’s real name. For the uninformed, Badge 99’s real name is Bharat Singh.

Badge 99 Real Photo

Similar to Total Gaming, Badge 99 has not uploaded a picture of him on social media as of yet. He may have posted hundreds of videos and pictures on social media platforms but we have not found a single photo of him showing his face.

As soon as Bharat Singh reveals his actual photo on social media, we will update this post.

Badge 99’s Monthly Income

According to Social Blade, Badge 99’s estimate monthly income is around $21.6K to $344.9K. The data of the same site claims that he makes between  $258.6K and $4.1 million on a yearly basis.

Badge 99 YouTube Channel

Bharat Singh may have started his YouTube channel way back in 2016 but he started streaming Free Fire in May 2018. Since then he uploaded 329 videos, which amassed more than 709 million views combined on his YT channel.

As of July 6th, 2021, Badge 99 has 6.59 Subscribers on his primary account. For the unversed, he also a secondary YouTube channel named Badge 99 Live, which also more than 1 million subscribers.

To watch videos on the Badge99 YouTube channel, click on this link.