Free Fire: How To Get Angelic Pants On Indian Server? (June 2022)

Angelic Pants were a part of the Angelic Wish event in Free Fire

Free Fire often introduces limited-time cosmetic items to the game. Last year, players got to see the arrival of the Angelic Pants on the Indian server with the Angelic Wish event. In the event, players could get the rare collectible Angelic Pants by wishing for the Rapper Angel Bundle’s exclusive prize. However, the Angelic Pants are no longer available in Free Fire.

There is a way to still get the item in the game though. We must warn all players that this hack could get their accounts banned. It exploits a glitch in the game to acquire the Angelic Pants. If players are ready to risk losing their accounts, they can try out this hack in Free Fire.


How To Get Red Angelic Pants On Indian Server In Free Fire?

As we stated before, the limited-time event rewarding Angelic pants in Free Fire is over. There is no straightforward way to get this rare item in the game. However, players can follow the steps below to get the item right now.

  • Players should first login to their Free Fire account.
  • Then, they should head over to the Events section of the game.
  • Here, they will see the “Make Your Stickyahs” Event. This is only valid till 23rd March so players looking to claim their Angelic Pants must use this hack by then.
  • Once players click on the Event, they will be taken to a second page.
  • Players should now click on the share option given on the page.


Angelic Pants Free Fire

  • Now players will be taken to a webpage. They must copy the link for this webpage on a notepad.
  • Copy the numbers given in the link above (everything after access_token=) and paste them after this link:
  • Now copy this modified link address and go to a new browser.
  • Paste the link in the browser and click Enter.
  • Players will now be taken to a new Event page.



  • Players can first try their luck with the Free Lucky Stone. If they don’t get the Angelic Pants in these tries, they can try out a Premium or Basic Summon. The Premium Summon is guaranteed  to give payers a grand prize but costs a bit more.

This is how players can get the Angelic Pants in Free Fire. However, keep in mind that this method exploits a glitch in the game. Players can be banned from the game for using it. In fact, this glitch is not unlike the Free Fire Diamond Hack 99999 that cropped up in the game. That is everything players need to know to get the rare Angelic Pants.


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