Ajjubhai94’s Free Fire ID, Monthly Income, Real Face, Subscribers & More

Here's everything you need to know about Ajjubhai94 aka Total Gaming.

Free Fire has plenty of Indian content creators. One such is Ajjubhai94 aka Total Gaming. For the unversed, Total Gaming is the most subscribed Indian Gaming channel on YouTube.

Ajjubhai94’s YouTube channel had recently completed the milestone of having 25 million subscribers. Since he has now become a brand in India, tons of fans across the country want to play Free Fire with him.

In order to play with Ajjubhai94, you will need his Free Fire ID. In this post, we will reveal Ajjubhai94’s Free Fire ID, KD/Ratio, Stats, YouTube Channel, and more.

Ajjubhai94’s Free Fire ID

The Free Fire ID of Ajjubhai94 is 451012596. For the unversed, his actual name is Ajay.

Has Ajjubhai94 revealed his real face on YouTube?

The most interesting thing about Ajjubhai94 is no one knows how does he look like. You read that right! It has been more than 2-year since he has been uploading videos on his YouTube Channel but he has not revealed his face to the audience yet.

There are multiple pictures and videos of Ajjubhai84 making rounds on social media but none of them is officially confirmed by him. As soon as Total Gaming reveals his actual photo on social media, we will update this post.

Ajjubhai94’s YouTube Channel

As we have mentioned above, he started his YouTube channel named ‘Total Gaming’ way back in 2018. Since then he has uploaded 1.3K videos, which fetched him almost 4 billion views on YouTube. As of June 2021, Total Gaming has 25.3 million subscribers.

Apart from his primary YouTube channel, Ajjubhai94 has three more channels — Total Gaming Live, AJJUBHAI, and TG Highlights, which has a number of subscribers 5.53 million, 492K and 516K, respectively,

Ajjubhai Monthly Income

According to a website named filmysiyappa.com, Ajjubhai’s monthly income is almost Rs 15 lakh. If anything to go by the site, Ajjubhai’s total net worth is $2 million, which roughly translated to 14 to 15 crore in Rupees.

The website also states that Ajjubhai earns 2 to 3 crore Rupees on a yearly basis and his earning has been increasing by 20% each year.

Ajjubhai94 Social Media Channels

Ajjubhai is an avid social media user. He is quite active on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Apart from these social media handles, he also uses Discord for communication with gamers.

If you want to follow him on social media, the social media links of Ajjubhai94 is as follow:

  • Facebook  — Click here
  • Twitter — Click here
  • Instagram  — Click here

That’s everything you need to know about Ajjubhai94 aka Total Gaming.