How To Unlock A124 Character In Free Fire? – Complete Guide

Learn about the abilities and effectiveness of A124, as well as how to unlock her in Free Fire.

With new features being added to the game on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that Free Fire has gripped gamers all around the world. The inclusion of characters based on real-life personalities such as Christiano Ronaldo and Hritik Roshan has been the game’s biggest highlight so far. But, the game’s character roster also boasts A124, a futuristic AI-powered fighter. Today’s tutorial is all about her, so let’s get started.

Free Fire A124 Character Guide

Free Fire has roughly 36 selectable fighters, each with their own playstyle and skill set. Obviously, not all of the characters are outstanding, and just a few of them bring us the most wins. However, if we keep aside the strongest Free Fire character judgment and focus on the best healer, A124 is probably the best alternative to Captain Booyah.

General Overview


Her Free Fire description reads, ” A124 is a robot, made with modern technology.” She’s also an aggressive attacker with two states of mind: 18-year-old girl mode and battle mode.

Skill, Abilities & Effectiveness

The AI character is assigned an active skill, Thrill of Battle, as a special survival ability. Her skill is interesting in that it permits her to trade a portion of her EP for immediate HP, which is rather useful in killing escaping enemies, isn’t it?

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There’s more to A124 than that. She’s not only a great healer, but she’s also a fantastic defensive due to her ability to shelter behind a Gloo wall until the very last minute. This is only possible because of the skill that hugely benefits throughout a gunfight.

A124 Unlockable Memory Fragments At All Levels

  • Level 1: Instantly convert 20 EP into HP in 4s. Cooldown period:10s.
  • Level 2: Instantly convert 26 EP into HP in 4s. Cooldown period:10s.
  • Level 3: Instantly convert 33 EP into HP in 4s. Cooldown period:10s. Also, earn an AI jacket.
  • Level 4: Instantly convert 41 EP into HP in 4s. Cooldown period:10s.
  • Level 5: Instantly convert 50 EP into HP in 4s. Cooldown period:10s.
  • Level 6: Instantly convert 60 EP into HP in 4s. Cooldown period:10s. Also, earn A124’s banner.

How To Avail A124 Character In Free Fire?

A124 can be obtained by spending 499 diamonds in the game. Yes, but she’s worth it since she delivers an incredible buff on the simulated battlefield. As a result, make sure you have enough diamonds, and if not, top-up or read our guide on how to get free diamonds. Once you’ve sufficient diamonds follow the below instructions in the given order.

  • Open the Free Fire game.
  • Select the character option to the left side of the screen.FREE-FIRE-CHARACTER-A124.jpg
  • Scroll down to find A124 and click on the Obtain option.FREE-FIRE-CHARACTER-A124.jpg
  • You’ll be directed to the store and you’ll see she’s added.
  • Click on the purchase option. FREE-FIRE-CHARACTER-A124.jpg
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear to click on the 499.

Congratulations!!! You can now use the power of A124.

That’s all there is to say about the A124 character in Free Fire, and I hope you found it informative.