Free Fire 4th Anniversary Daily Quiz Answers, Free Characters, In-Game Events, Rewards, & More

Here's everything you need to know about Garena Free Fire 4th Anniversary event.

From launching alpha testing in 2017 to celebrating its 4th anniversary, Garena Free Fire has come a long way. The game has witnessed a tremendous change since its initial Global release, which took place way back in November 2017.

Despite having numerous battle royale games in the market, Garena Free Fire has cemented its name in the record as the most downloaded Battle Royale game of all time.

It has been almost four years since it was launched on Google Play Store but the popularity of Free Fire does not seem to slow. The reason behind its surging popularity is Garena keeps adding new events, and tournaments to the game, keeping its millions of users entertained and engaged.

Unlike the normal and regular events, Garena launches a major event on its anniversary and this year would not be an exception. As the 4th anniversary of Garena Free Fire is coming closer, millions of fans are quite excited and wondering what Garen has in store for them on this anniversary.

When is Garena Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary?

There is no specific date when Garena Free Fire celebrates its anniversary. Yes, you read that right! Garena celebrated its first, second, and third anniversary on August 11 (2018), August 25 (2019), August 23 (2021), respectively.

Free Fire North America put a poster about the 4th-anniversary event on Twitter. If anything to go by this poster, Free Fire 4th anniversary peak day would be observed on August 28th, 2021.

Apart from Free Fire North America, the official Twitter handle of Free Fire Europe also posted a poster about its 4th anniversary, revealing the timeline of events that are going to take place for the 4th-anniversary community event.

The poster showcases numerous activities that fans can take part in during the Free Fireanniversary event this year. There are chances that the official Twitter handle of Free Fire India will soon drop a calendar for the India region.

Fortunately, Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary event has started on August 20th, 2021 and it will conclude on August 29th, 2021. The event has brought a lot of new missions and quizzes to the game.

Free Fire Anniversary Quiz Answer

As per the event interface, Free Fire players will have to answer one question daily. There are a total of five questions and for that, you will have to complete missions and events in the game. For each correct answer, Garena will give a reward that can be redeemed instantly.

In this post, we will reveal answers to every quiz question whenever they become available. Currently, there is only one question that you will have to answer. Without any further ado, let’s find out the correct answers to all questions.

Question 1: Who is the DJ Collaborating with Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary?


Question 2: Which character was carried by players the most in the past year in Free Fire?

Answer: Alok

As soon as more answer becomes available, we will update their correct answer.

Question 3:  What is the Theme Song for the 4th Anniversary of Free Fire?

Answer: Reunion

Question 4: Which pet was carried by players the most in the past year in Free Fire?

Answer: Mr Waggor
Question 5: What was the weapon with the most kills in Free Fire in the past year?
Answer: Mp40

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Rewards

Since it is not an ordinary or regular event for Garena, they will surely celebrate it as a major event, providing a lot of exclusive items for free. Similar to every event, Garena will soon drop a calendar, giving information about the date and rewards that players will be getting during this event.

For the uninformed, Garena, last year, provided an option to select one desired character free. The best thing is they provided that character permanently.

How To Get Free Characters in Free Fire 4th Anniversary Update (OB29)

For the unversed, Garena Free Fire has added two new characters named Dimitri and Thiva after the recently released update OB29. Notably, these characters are based on Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, respectively.

Similar to the last year, Free Fire players will get a character for free at the end of the Free Fire 4th Anniversary event. The character that will be first made available for players is Dimitri. Players will have to buy Diamonds if they want to add Dimitri to their inventory. As we have mentioned above, players will be given Thiva for free on August 28th, 2021.

If you want to read about Dimitri and Thiva’s abilities, skills, and how to unlock them then click on this link.

As soon as more information related to Free Fire’s 4th anniversary comes out, we will update this post.