How BlockChain Can Revolutionize Gaming In India?

Play & Win Model is no longer a controversial statement in the gaming world, thanks to Blockchain for unlocking strategic earn real money opportunities for gamers. In this article we explore the potential of how blockchain can revolution Indian Gaming Industry and provide gamers an viable platform to earn money.

Gaming today is not just limited to fun, it is turning into a money-making model. The challenge with gaming is to deliver a seamless online platform where millions of players can play together and then turn this into a one-stop solution to make some real-world money. Thanks to the crypto revolution things are becoming possible. Blockchain doesn’t need an introduction. Using this Game Developers can add possibilities of introducing the exchange of money. NFT is one of the examples that is traded on the web in exchange for cash.

Blockchain holds the potential to bring the gaming community on one platform and let them harness the opportunity of earning while playing. The Indian Gaming industry is not far from this change. To understand a little deeper about what Blockchain holds we got a chance to speak with Yash Pariani Founder and CEO of House of Gaming, who had shared his viewpoints on the same.

The potential of blockchain-based gaming in India

As we all know India is a developing nation, with a growing economy, and a place that gives opportunities to many.

As India has grown to love the classic Esports we believe that Web3 Games serves a need for financial freedom which will indulge the gaming fans and casuals and also give them little side earnings which nobody will be able to say no to.

What are the legal considerations of blockchain gaming in India?

In the current environment, we’re all in limbo, it totally depends on the rulesets our respective government wants to bring forward.

But we have hope that as the clouds clear out over the crypto and blockchain we’ll move into a better world and a better experience for all users from within Blockchain, crypto, and Web3 Games.

How the crypto regulations are impacting gaming rewards

Country-to-country regulations vary within the crypto world which has heavily impacted the growth of various projects maybe financial, banking, art, music, or gaming.

There’s just a small question mark over the future and when nobody has clarity people often hesitate to move forward.

Yet if one thing Blockchain has proven is that there are millions of projects and billions of backers, investors, and support for them if they are aiming for a better and more open future so even though things are in work we are always aiming high and making sure to work with our government to take this thing forward best way possible.