BGMI: How To Get Team-up Special Effect In 2023?

Here's a quick guide on how to get group emote in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

It has been almost six months since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was launched in India but a lot of players are still struggling to get the team-up special effect in the game and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered. The team-up special effect or group emote is available in BGMI, PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State but the process of getting it is a bit different in each game.

This post will teach you how to get the team-up effect in BGMI. Before we explain the procedure of getting this special effect in Battlegrounds Mobile India, let me tell you that this feature can only be used by Crown Privilege or Ace Privilege Players.

BGMI team up special effect

For the unversed, Crown or Ace Privilege is a reward for players who reach the Crown or Ace tiers, respectively in the previous season of BGMI. These are the highest ranks in Battlegrounds Mobile India and are require a lot of time and effects to get unlocked. In BGMI, players need to reach 3700 to 3800 points to reach the tier Crown V followed by 3800 to 3900 (Crown IV), 3900 to 4000 (Crown III), 4000 to 4100 (Crown II), or 4100 to 4200 (Crown 1). Once you meet the requirements, you will be given a C1S3 Crown Name Tag.

BGMI team up special effect

Once you have successfully reached Ace Tier, you will have to play a total of five matches to get the team-up effect unlocked in BGMI. Once completed, you will get a C1S3 Ace Name Tag.

What Is Team-up Special Effect In BGMI?

Team-up Special effect is nothing but an emote that can be used in the lobby in duo or squad mode. As we have already mentioned above, this team-up effect can only be used by Crown or Ace tier players.

How To Use Team-up Effect In BGMI?

BGMI team up special effect

Once you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you will have a team-up special effect unlocked in the new BGMI season. Once a new season is started, you can use the Crown or Ace Name Tag to showcase your tier with other players. To equip the name tag in BGMI, head to the profile section and tap on the Edit option. There, you will have to tap on the Name Tag tab and select the name tag for the crown player and select to equip it.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the team-up special effect in BGMI.