How To Get BGMI Streamer Kaztro’s Voice Pack? (April 2022)

Play As Kaztro with this BGMI voice pack

The popular game Battlegrounds Mobile India has come out with some very cool updates in these past two months, not only do you now have the Jujutsu Kaisen mode but also more exciting updates like voice packs from your favorite Indian celebrities! With Jonathan Amaral’s packs being such a hit, it’s no wonder so many were looking to get BGMI streamer Kaztro’s voice pack before time runs out.

How to Get BGMI Streamer Kaztro’s Basic Voice Pack In April 2022?



To get Kaztro’s basic voice pack, you will have to follow these steps outlined below:

1. Start up the game
2. Head on into the in-game store
3. Go to the Treasure section
4. You will find ‘Kaztro’s voice pack’
5. Purchase the pack
6. Head to your inventory
7. Look for ‘voices’ and choose the Kaztro voice pack


Now, as you play, you will be able to use a variety of voices that you can select and drag to your match’s selected list. There is also a special voice pack that is available with Kaztro’s dialogues in Malayalam. Krafton had a giveaway for both packs separately that recently ended on the 3rd of March. Get on the game and buy the basic as well as the mythical packs.

Get yours soon as possible while they are on sale and are available for 250 UC each. They will go out soon as Snax’s packs have already arrived due to the popularity and demand from his audience.
So go out and get your Kaztro packs as Snax comes in and steals the show with his Zeher Burst. We can’t wait to see what Krafton Inc. comes out within this year but it definitely looks like it’s going to be another great year to game and win that chicken dinner. To find out more about the Jonathan voice pack in BGMI, click here.


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