Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 Point Table, Rewards & Top Players

Here's everything you need to know about Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0.

The finals of the Skyesports Championship 3.0 BGMI has finally started on September 6th, 2021. There were a total of 24 teams who took part but only 18-team have been qualified for the finals of this most-sought after event. The only reason why people are most excited about the winner of Skyesports Championship 3.0 BGMI is it has a prize pool of Rs 25, 00,000.

Since today is the first day of Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0, tons of fans have been searching for its point table. If you too are looking for the same then don’t worry, we have you covered.

In this post, we will not only reveal the point table of this tournament but also reveal the name of all qualified teams and the amount of money winner and first and second runner-ups will awarded on the day of grand finale.

Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 Point Table

Day 1

The point table of of Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 has finally been updated. As soon as the point table is updated on Skyesports site or their Discord server, we will update this post.

Notably, it is Team TSM, 7Sea Esports, Skylightz Gaming, Enigma Gaming, and Esports Empire who have received the WWCD in AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Finals Day 1.

If you want to get more information related to this tournament, be sure to visit this page from time to time as we will keep you updated with more information when they become available.

Day 2

The day second of Championship turned out a lucky for Team7Seas as they got 3rd WWCD and are on top of the table with 153 points!

If there is any team that is a little close to Team7Seas. Yes, they have received their 2nd WWCD on the day 2 of Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0.

Fortunately, Team GODL have finally got their first WWCD in Day 2 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports Championship 3.0 Grand Finale!

Here’s the point table at the end of 2 Maps:

Day 3

The third day of the Skyesports Championship 3.0 BGMI has finally ended. The leaderboard of the Championship is topped by 8Bit with a total point of 216, followed by 7Sea Esports (191) and Revenant Esports (176). The third day was quite lucky for 8Bit as they have got two chicken dinners and got 92 points.

BGMI Championship Point Table

Team IND, who did not perform well in the first two days, performed exceptionally well on 3rd day and got 77 points.

Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 Rewards

Whoever wins the title of Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 will be given a price of Rs 12,00,000. The first and second runner-ups will get a whopping price of Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 3,00,000, respectively.

Besides the first three positions, the MVP will get a price of Rs 1,00,000, while the remaining awards will be divided between other teams based on their performances and points in Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 Point Table.

For the uninformed, the award ceremoney of this tournament will be held in a live event in Mumbai in October this year.

Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 Qualified Teams

Here are the names of all teams that have been qualified for the finals:

1) Team IND

2) Revenant Esports

3) Marcos Gaming

4) Enigma Gaming

5) Skylightz Gaming

6) F1-LS Esports

7) Team 8Bit

8) GodLike Esports

9) Galaxy Racers

10) 7Sea Esports

11) Team Tenacity

12) Aztecs Esports

13) OREsports


15) Team SouL

16) Revenge Esports

17) Team Celsius

18) Esports Empire

Top Fraggers On Day-1

1) DeltaPG (Rivalry Esports): 13 Finishes

2) SprayGod (7Sea Esports): 12 Finishes

3) Sarang (7Sea Esports): 11 Finishes

4) Saumraj (Skylightz Gaming): 11 Finishes

Top fraggers after day 2

1) AKop (Aztecs Esports): 26 Finishes

2) SprayGod (7Sea Esports): 23 Finishes

3) JONATHAN (GodLike Esports): 22 Finishes

4) AkshaT (8Bit): 21 Finishes

5) Neyoo (GodLike Esports): 19 Finishes

Top Fraggers after BGMI Finals day 3

AkshaT (8Bit): 34 Finishes

2) Viru (8Bit): 33 Finishes

3) Jonathan (GodLike Esports): 31 Finishes

4) Omega (8Bit): 30 Finishes

Where and when to watch Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0?

Those who want to watch the live streaming of Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 can watch the finals on the official Facebook and YouTube channels of Skyesports. Notably, only Hindi and English commentary will be streamed on YouTube. The streaming of other languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Punjabi will be exclusively held on Facebook.

The live streaming of Skyesports Championship BGMI 3.0 will start everyday at 1:00 pm IST.