Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021: Registration Date And How To Register

Krafton just announced the registration date for BGMI India Series 2021. Here's when and how you can register and Prize pool.

After the success of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) launch party, the Open-for-all BGMI event was eagerly awaited. Krafton just revealed some details about Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021. Let’s see how and when you can register for Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 and become the next big name in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 Registration Date

The registrations will begin from 19th July 2021. Players will be able to register in the BGMI app itself which will be followed by a spree of rounds players will have to win to qualify. The speculation is that all the rounds will be knockout until the players get to the top 100 players.

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The registration process will be simple but going through the knockout rounds will be the difficult part. As of now the dates of the knockout rounds or the start of the BGMI Series 2021 are not officially announced but we are speculating that the series will begin from the 1st week of August.

BGMI India Series Prize Pool

Krafton has announced a total prize pool of Rs 1cr will be available for players to grab. Undoubtedly the amount is huge which also means that the stakes are also very high and so will be the competition.

Eligibility For Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021

BGMI hasn’t been released on iOS yet. While many are speculating that the iOS version will be released before the start of the BGMI Series 2021 there is no official confirmation regarding the same. As of now, everyone who has downloaded Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is eligible for the tournament. This doesn’t include iOS players as of now but we are hopeful.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is set to be one of India’s biggest e-sports tournaments. This will make the Launch party look like a trailer. It’s about time players buckle up and get handy with new BGMI updates as well.

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