PUBG Mobile Vs Battlegrounds Mobile India: Similarities And Differences

Battlegrounds Mobile is a revamped version of PUBG but has elements of its own. Here's all the similarities and differences in PUBG and BGMI.

Since the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, everyone knew it was going to be a revamped version of PUBG. It was expected that players will draw comparisons, look for similarities and differences the moment the first glimpse of BGMI is out.

PUBG’Mobile’s exit from the market had left a huge gap and now that we have seen the early access let’s see what are similarities and differences between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile.

Similarities And Differences Between BGMI And PUBG Mobile

BGMI similarities differences

Krafton has given early access to select streamers and some lucky players have got it through the website also. Shortly after the early access was released people started pointing out how similar BGMI is to PUBG Mobile.

Even though we expected some similarities users on Twitter have been going berzerk. One of the most striking similarities is the starting screen (refer image) which is the same as PUBG. Apart from that BGMI will also have Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar maps. Krafton already announced that BGMI will have the Sanhok map so that wasn’t much of a surprise.

Some helmet and backpack designs are also similar, these observations are just hours into the early access. The developers have said that BGMI will have new region-specific skins and a big change is how the color of blood has been changed from red to green. These changes are mostly to make the game more kid-friendly.

The word kills has also been replaced with Finishes. Players below the age f 18 will have to go through a parent lock. This will restrict the maximum hours you can play per day and the amount that can be spent at the store. These are all the comparisons we could draw as of now. We are sure more such comparisons will be made after the release.

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