How To Complete Place First 1 Time Event & Collect Rewards?

Here's a step by step guide explaining how to finish Place First 1 Time event in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been conducting new events for its fans since it was launched in August this year. The latest event that the devs started in BGMI is called ‘Place First 1 Time’. There are tons of fans who have already completed the Place First 1 Time event in BGMI but many are still wondering how to complete it and collect rewards.

If you too are struggling to complete Place First 1 Time event in BGMI but don’t know how it is done then look no further as we have created a detailed guide explaining the entire process in the simplest way possible.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Complete ‘Place First 1 Time’ Event in BGMI?

To begin the Place First 1 Time event in BGMI, players will have to tap on the ‘Events’ tab located on the right side of the main lobby. When you do so, a new window will appear on the screen. There, you will need to tap on the ‘Recommended’ tab.

Once you are in the Recommended tab, tap on the ‘Anna Joins the Battle!’ tab from the side menu. There, you will find many missions that will get you Anna Character for free when completed successfully. Besides Anna Character, the other rewards that you will get by completing missions are character vouchers, BP coins, AG currency, coupon scraps, and more.

Place First 1 Time Event BGMI

To complete Place First 1 Time event  in BGMI, you will have to complete to get a chicken dinner in a Classic mode in solo, duo or Squad. Once you have successfully met the requirements, go back to the Events>Recommended>Anna Joins the Battle!> Place First 1 Time> and collect rewards.

If you have not yet complete this event make sure to complete it right away because the event is going to be end on December 3rd, 2021. If you still are having any issue while completing this event do let us know in the comment section below.