MG3 Gun: Damage, Specs, Ammo Type & How To Get It In BGMI

Here is every detail of the best air drop gun on BGMI!

It is very important to have a good gun in every battle royale game. MG3 is surely the best (Light Machine Gun) LMG of all time in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). It was introduced in the Test Server PC 8.2 update. Since its launch, MG3 has proved to be one of the best guns available for all ranges in BGMI.

To know all the pros and cons of BGMI’s MG3 gun, keep reading this post.

Everything You Need To Know About MG3 Gun In BGMI:


MG3 is the best LMG gun that can be obtained through airdrops during the battle in BGMI. It has an average base damage of 40 hitpoints with improved vehicle damage than ever before.  MG3 has better more damage-dealing as compared to any other gun in the game with 73 bullets per round ammunition capacity.

It also has various modes to offer like single, auto, and burst that players can shift into during the battles. The best part about the MG3 gun is that it is available in all maps available in BGMI. Irrespective of which BGMI’s map you love the most, you must try this gun out if you really want to win all the battles.

Here Are All Specs of BGMI’s MG3 Gun :


Light Machine Gun
Hit Damage 40

Initial Bullet Speed

820 m/s
Time Between Shots 0.09s & 0.06s

Firing Modes

Method Magazine

Duration (Full)

Duration (Tactical) 7.1s


Ammo Type 7.62mm

Magazine Size

Extended Magazine Size


Attachment Points  1

Get this exclusive airdrop gun and stop all your enemies to cross your way in from short as well as long-range by getting perfect shots. That’s everything you need to know about the best airdrop LMG MG3 in BGMI. Check out our website GamesAdda to get all the latest tips and tricks about BGMI.